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    Default Re: Inside 70: Surprisingly Pleasant


    There's a bench here.
    Normally, that wouldn't be notable. But someone has left something there. An oil painting sits in the light drizzle of the early morning. It depicts a man and a woman in old-fashioned clothes holding hands and standing together in front of a warm fireplace. How did it get here? Will anyone notice it?
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    Default Re: Inside 70: Surprisingly Pleasant

    [What's Up, Buttercup?]

    Some sort of magical transportation descends from the sky and settles near Solstice. Once again, it's one of those weird flying saucers done up in black and yellow paint with a little clear dome in the middle. Enough room for the driver (a strange grey being with large black eyes and a mostly featureless face) and three passengers.

    "Were ya goin' toots?" inquires the grey.


    This is still just as weird as it was last time.


    The alien device STILL isn't any form of material technology and thus immune to Solstice's magical presence. And that's what matters at the end of the day, right?

    [Rooftop Market]


    Geneva looks over the various trinkets, then back at her cubs.

    "May I?" she asks, reaching out to take the dangly bird mobile.

    She suspects this one will be a hit, but it's best to test things out first.
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    Default Re: Inside 70: Surprisingly Pleasant

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcaller View Post
    [Intersection Main Office]

    "Yeah, we do background checks and research on our employers for the same reason. I might not be a fan of bureaucracy but I get why it exists." Dena remarks with a gesture at Dobber. "So just how dangerous are these fey really? Since I figure the Gateway guys would do this research themselves if they didn't consider it way above their paygrade. Especially considering how much they're paying us for just some basic information gathering."
    Intersection Main Office

    "Well, as an example Officer Xifhara, the Buttercups of Inside's latest can fully convert someone into one of them in the time it takes to say three sentences. Most others have very specific rules that can put someone in danger. Thanking them, accepting food, causing offense, and such can result in very unpleasant debts or favors. Or your identity being stolen rather literally. Of course, Intersection does not stand with those who would target its law-abiding faerie citizens because of powers or natures that others abuse."
    Intersection has been trying to protect the surviving gaiads and sprites that were normal humanoid citizens a week ago from backlash. It has been an uphill battle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gnrlshrimp View Post
    [Buttercup, you're under arrest!]

    Oh. Right. Ithuriel pauses and does her best to look apologetic. It's not the most convincing look. "Right. Yes sir. Sorry sir. It-" She was about to say "it won't happen again" but it wouldn't be very convincing.

    She's also a little bit distracted by Nick looking like this. Suitably chastised, she remains silent until directed to give her report.

    "I learned a few interesting things that might be relevant. A fully converted Buttercup still seems to have a lot of their memories intact. I was tempted to request permission to bring her husband in, to see how strong the fey compulsion is. I don't imagine it can be reversed that easily, but it clearly caused her some discomfort just thinking about it. Anyway, I was part-way through questioning her when "Big Mama Buttercup" directly instructed her to tell me there would be a three day reprieve."

    Which just-

    Who names their queen that?

    "Which means we can confirm that they are some manner of hivemind, and they are all in some manner of constant contact with their queen. Soo before proceeding any further with the interrogation, I wanted to seek permission to try and negotiate some sort of deal, or request a meeting directly with their queen. If we're going to actually undo this effect, it surely has to be through confronting her directly."


    "Oh, yes, and her cell is going to need decontaminating afterwards, as it's already full of flowers. We might want to expand the region around her we're keeping clear." And that's more or less everything, isn't it? "Oh, and I've been testing the limits of her naming powers and it seems like it always has to be direct denial from the person being named. No cheating our way around that yet, not that I've found anyway."

    Buttercup, you're under Arrest!

    Nick nods, though he doesn't look happy. "Alright, that does corroborate the other reports. Gort was able to identify most of his history even if the Buttercup has flipped his personality. Good to know it isn't just him. He was lucid enough to accept the half-cure one of the Watchers cooked up." Nick decides to give Ithuriel some semblance of an explanation. He pounds his fist on the table.
    "That queen [expunged]! The watchers literally just got done with a ritual that stops the Naming for three days. She must have put out an order at the same time to make it look like we didn't accomplish anything ourselves."

    "Officer/Watcher Hernandez has given me a crash course in fae and their Queens. Long story short: Buttercup is effectively a goddess. I don't entirely get the distinction between that and-" Nick proceeds to absolutely butcher the word 'sidhe' "But the point is, under no circumstances are you to speak directly to her. She is not to enter this reality, and you are not to enter hers. She is to be considered on the same page as Orcus, do you understand?"
    Orcus hasn't been active in a while, but had been sending large contingents of undead and demons to be a thorn in Team Nightmaere's side when they started converting his minions in Inside. No diplomacy has ever made it off the ground, as to be expected when dealing with demon princes.

    "If you somehow find yourself with the ability to get her on the phone and have some sort of leverage on her, I would be happy to hear what your plan is to handle the ruler of beings known for being crafty and tricky."
    Nick considers Ithuriel to be a blunt instrument. Not a bad negotiator by any stretch. But not someone he could imagine not running headfirst into a trickster's trap. Even if her nature means she's immune to a lot of things the rest of them aren't.
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    Default [What's Up Buttergoblins?]


    You know, usually you have to get born as a tiefling, right?
    Fay should follow up on that.
    But not right now because that goblin just exploded and her left tentacle is quite badly burned!

    The monster turns, sheltering the injured part with a hand and wing, is knocked a bit off balance by a brick, and then catches the second brick, swings it around overhead, and hurls it back at the goblin twice as fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarion View Post
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    Default Re: Inside 70: Surprisingly Pleasant

    [Buttercup, You're Under Arrest!]

    "It's also possible that someone DID try to negotiate with Queen Buttercup," Officer Hernandez points out. "She may have offered them the 'deal' to suspend naming for three days knowing that we had the Ritual of Interdiction underway already. So whoever she was dealing with would have left thinking they had gotten a bargain when in reality they got played. It's exactly the sort of bad-faith agreement a Sidhe would engage in."

    Can't trust those faerie lords and ladies.

    They're all tricksy!

    [What's Up, Buttercup?]
    Goblin Fightclub Edition

    One goblin gets brained by a brick and the other meets its end when Alex hurls her spear at it.


    That means it's just the big one left!

    Beth mallets the ogre in the back of the head, causing him to stagger by not go down. Geeze is this guy ever hefty! He whirls around with his club in a low sweeping attack, trying to clip Beth's legs out from under her. Should she get knocked prone, he'll follow up with an overhead swing trying to mash her into the dirt. He's fully focused on Beth at this point, which means Alex and Fay should be able to get a few hits in without too much trouble.
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    Default Re: Inside 70: Surprisingly Pleasant

    Rooftop Market

    "Yes, of course." The squirrel nods and will hand it over, if Geneva is too slow. "It's not much, [bit less than reasonable, for hand-or-tooth carved wood]." The squirrel quite likes the cuteness of Geneva's children, and has given a slight unspoken discount. He'll cover the difference from his wages.


    Someone has noticed Tethrik's obvious spending, and not just the kor. Where he goes next, he'll be followed- by a sneaky person, a skinny but wide-shouldered girl, with pale skin and large blue eyes. She's wearing a long cloak with the hood up, and follow Tethrik quite deliberately. She's waiting to get a better view of where the demon keeps their money before she tries to steal from him.
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