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    Default Re: Orphaned or on-hiatus webcomics you'd love to see continued

    Quote Originally Posted by Mordokai View Post
    I knew it was an orphaned webcomic, but even then, your description convinced me to give it a shot. I mean, how can I say no to "horror-apocolypse story"

    And man, I'm so sorry this never got a proper conclusion. I mean, in my opinion, the first book was better than the second one, but that may have something to do with the fact that the second one never got a proper conclusion.

    When was the last comic posted? How would one contact Abby? I would merely like to politely ask if there's *any* chance in the Nine Hells for her to give this another shot
    Well, I just looked again and there was an update three weeks ago, probably right after you looked. So I guess it's not orphaned, just really really slow...

    Author Abby Howard has a patreon and is apparently working on a lot of other stuff.
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    Default Re: Orphaned or on-hiatus webcomics you'd love to see continued

    Man, more than half of the webtoons I'm subscribed to are on hiatus right now (7/13 originals, 9/16 canvas; discounting the ones that are full on finished). Won't add them to the main page since I don't know how long that status'll last, but I'll list them here because I'm bored right now.

    Castle Swimmer
    Soul on Hold
    Mage & Demon Queen
    I'm the Grim Reaper
    Not Even Bones
    Tower of God
    Lalin's Curse
    Drag Race -- officially cancelled
    Carciphona -- I would have sworn this updated more recently, but apparently the last date was in November
    My Succubus Girlfriend
    White Heron -- it's possible the author just never marked this one as finished

    And after all my delight that Ava's Demon was updating again... it hasn't updated since those two pages in a row, to my everlasting sorrow. Weirdly, the webtoon is still going strong, though, working its way towards being caught up with the main site. Perhaps that'll start updating again once the webtoon catches up...
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