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Thread: R packages

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    Default R packages

    I have an odd issue with installing an R package.
    I want to install RCurl, and I found documentation at

    However, when I (in R) go to Packages and Install Packages, nothing happens. Well, not nothing. This pops up in the R console:
    but nothing happens to show me a list of packages to download.
    I don't have admin rights to my computer, so it could be something like that. Regardless, I'm not sure if I can install packages. (I was surprised I could install R!)

    So the questions
    Where can I find the source code for RCurl, so that I can just copy-paste the code of the package instead of installing it?
    I reckon it's somewhere in that link I posted above, but not sure where.

    Alternatively, can you tell why I'm failing to install a package?
    It has been over a year since I had to, so I might have forgotten.
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    Default Re: R packages

    You should be able to install the package from the command line via


    If that fails, the error message may be informative. You may need to select a CRAN mirror via the packages menu.

    You should also be able to download the package directly, just save the .tar.gz file on the CRAN page, then run

    install.packages("<filepath>", repos =NULL, type = "source")

    Where filepath is the path to wherever you saved the tar.gz file. You can also choose install from local file in the Packages menu.
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    Default Re: R packages

    I was just about to say, download and install manually, but WG already said it.
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