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    d6 Suggestions in how to...

    As I said in another post I have moved half way across the United States. In 50 years this the first time I have left my home area.

    I can not still my mind. It is racing with thoughts of doubt? Uncertainty? Not sure what. I have the ability to focus, but have never needed to do it in a conscious manner before.

    Would like suggestions on what gets you focus.

    Meditation can be ruled out. I have been told even with my eyes closed I twitch violently even though I am positive I am not moving.
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    Default Re: Suggestions in how to...

    Quote Originally Posted by denthor View Post
    Would like suggestions on what gets you focus.
    Depends on my mood, really.

    Treadmill work for me helps at times. Put on some nice video game 'world exploration' music, find a comfortable speed + incline on the treadmill, and go.

    Creative writing. Find a story that's been rolling around in the back of your head, put it down. Even if you don't share it with anyone. Just ... pursue the story, think alternate paths for various parts of the story, no matter how minor....

    Avoid social media. You're all too likely to get into something that'll wreck your head.

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    Default Re: Suggestions in how to...

    Making that big of a change is a huge amount of stress, even if it's something you wanted and are happy about. If you have access to any kind of a counselor, this would be an excellent time to make use of them. If not, just talking to friends or loved ones about it can help.

    Personally, I go back to a few things to just immerse myself in to give my conscious mind a rest. Books, movies, jigsaw puzzles. Something solitary where I can just fade out and be. I don't fish, golf, or garden, but those might do it for some people. When I recharge my batteries like that it's easier to focus when I have to. When I get stressed like that, making sure I get enough sleep is more important than usual. Being tired just makes the whole thing harder.

    If you're more of an extrovert, it's going to be a lot trickier (thanks to social distancing). But there are still things to do where you can have some human interaction. Maybe check out some volunteer opportunities in your community. It would help get you out of the house, meeting new people where you live, and feeling good about yourself.

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    Default Re: Suggestions in how to...

    I recommend holding something in your non dominant hand and then just moving it, like twirling a pen or walking a coin along you knuckles, it helps force attention to something, but once you've learnt it, you can then focus on something you want to accomplish, but the muscle memory of repeating that action will help you focus on that instead.

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    Default Re: Suggestions in how to...

    Focus on things that ground you; the familiar things that don't change wherever or whenever you happen to be. A favorite song, book, game, whatever. Even work can help you focus if you have some to do.

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