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    Default Villain Motivation

    Hey Playground. Long Time. Wondering what y'all think of this motivation for Tiamat, the overarching villain of a possible campaign of mine

    Tiamat, goddess of dragons, is last of the Medusids, one of the races in the last iteration of reality that was destroyed by the gods when the amount of souls exceed the capacity of the afterlives after trillions of generations of growth. Each of her heads is part of the psionic cluster of serpents that makes up her being while her draconic body is a bio-magical construct, the evolution of her body from when she ascended to godhood as the last hope of her people during the Annihilation War when the Xill destroyed the last living things to wipe the slate for the gods to begin again. With her ascension she learned of the plan of her new brethren, and was thus bound by their oaths to not reveal or interfere in their plans for mortals. As her purpose in ascending was to help her people and bring the gods into the battle against the beings bent on destroying all life she immediately went mad and attempted to slaughter the rest of the gods who she felt had betrayed their followers and was swiftly bound deep within the devastated former home planet of her people. Her selves were separated, weakened, across the planet, and began to spawn the Dragons, great beasts of powerful magic like their mother. Some, the Metallics, retained her desire to protect all mortals, the purpose of her ascension, while others, the Chromatics, were the personification of her rage against her fellow gods and the beings they had replaced her people with. Now, billions of years later, her heads begin to awaken, still vengeful against her godly siblings that led to the destruction of her reality, and sensing the schism that led to her peoples killers being allowed to live, despite their vast, destructive potential, in case the gods had need of their services again, and the never ending war to stop them from using said skills too soon. The Mother of Dragons begins to raise her army in truth, to destroy the killers of all she knew, Xill and God both.

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    Default Re: Villain Motivation

    So....she wants revenge?
    Knowledge brings the sting of disillusionment, but the pain teaches perspective.
    "You know it's all fake right?"
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    Default Re: Villain Motivation

    A lot of the info you gave here are more "history of the universe" than actual motivations.
    As said by False God, once you strip the background informations, the motivation is pretty simple:

    Revenge for (1) deaths of her kind and (2) betrayal of the gods.

    Some ways I see to deepen the motivation:
    + Is there a specific god that she consider betrayed her more than the others? That would make the revenge quest more personal than just "kill all the gods".
    + Is there a god that joined her side but was eliminated/intimidated into submission? Or at least a god that was more willing to hear her claims?
    + Is she still magically bound by some of the oath she made when ascending, adding to her objectives a will to free herself?

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    Default Re: Villain Motivation

    Yah, I made the cardinal sin in the brainstorm/write drunk, edit and post sober in forgetting that second part so the idea is much less in need of review than I thought, but thank you, your questions give me much to think and build on.

    Yes, she would most likely be focused on the former patron God of her people and whichever god now is the patron of the planets natives. She was not diafied long enough to really make any alliances, though she may have made some of the gods that were reluctant to go through with the plan originally feel more guilty as she provided a brief voice of condemnation from their followers. And yes, she is still bound to not reveal their plans or what happened to the previous iteration due to the fact that they kept the Xill around incase they needed to use them again.

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