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    Default Re: Outsiders memories wiped - what about the IFCC?

    The IFCC are freelancers. Watch the TV show Shark Tank.
    IFCC are three {beings} presenting a plan/product and asking for more funding.
    V hasn't the business acumen of Mark Cuban.
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    (paraphrased) Rulings are not 'House Rules.' Rulings are a DM doing what DMs are supposed to do.
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    Agency means that they {players} control their character's actions; you control the world's reactions to the character's actions.
    Gosh, 2D8HP, you are so very correct
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    Self-deception tends to have a low target number
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    Default Re: Outsiders memories wiped - what about the IFCC?

    I don't believe we've got much indication that the Snarl is particularly motile. Being on the Astral Plane, and actively navigating the Astral Plane in the search for gates, are two distinct things. Lots of stuff's on the Astral Plane, many of which could destroy nations or worse (epic and deific levels of power). Yet they seem to largely remain there.

    As for the IFCC, I tend to believe that their importance will be relative to the investment put into them. At this point, it's certain they'll have an important role to come, but at the same time, we've also barely seen them, and barely have any ideas about what they are doing and why. Of course, this could be greatly expanded in a coming book, but we've already got bigger issues at hand, namely surrounding Team Evil and all of its components individually (bar maybe Oona, thinking more Xykon and his phylactery and his astral fortress, Redcloak and the phylactery and the Plan, MitD and his identity and his growing morals and his enchantment). There's already a lot to cover, and it feels like the comic is nearing its resolution (though iirc there's still a few books left to print?).
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    The scouring of the Shire never happened. That's right. After reading books I, II, and III, I stopped reading when the One Ring was thrown into Mount Doom. The story ends there. Nothing worthwhile happened afterwards. Middle-Earth was saved.

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