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    Default Re: Help a non-programmer install GPT-2 (and its prerequisites)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohandas View Post
    That, plus changing a bunch of tabs to spaces, worked. I got it working shortly after you posted it.

    One more question. Is there any way to make it automatically log output text to a file? I recently lost some outputs because I forgot to copy and paste before closing the program.
    The line that says 'print(text)' is where the outputs are being generated. So you could instead write that to a file, like (at the same indent level where print is):

    f = open("output.log","a")
    Or if you're running this from a console, you can add '> output.log' to print to a file rather than printing to the console. Like 'python arg1 arg2 arg3 > output.log' where is the name of this code file, and the arg1 arg2 arg3 are whatever and however many command-line arguments you're currently using.
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    Default Re: Help a non-programmer install GPT-2 (and its prerequisites)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohandas View Post
    Additionally, is there any way to use a saved model older than the latest one? The checkpoint file doesn't seem to spawn copies when the training program autosaves the way the other files do.
    I figured this one out btw. It can be opened with notepad and apparently it just points the program to the correct name for the data file, so if it said something like:

    model_checkpoint_path: "model-221"
    all_model_checkpoint_paths: "model-210"
    all_model_checkpoint_paths: "model-221"
    and you were using an earlier model file you would just change the "221" there to the correct number
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