Recently I have been poking around the interwebs trying to find the "perfect" (for me) P2 character sheet. I stumbled upon DATA LORE's character sheet found Here and saw that they did an exceptional job with the amount of effort and detail that went into that sheet.

I'm not a whiz when it come's to Adobe, so I figured I would ask for help.

It's an awesome sheet, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to crack the sheet and do some of the nifty things that that sheet offers. I've been trying to get the sheet to my liking and have merged some of the other sheets online.

I would like to get rid of the inventory stuff on page 5 and combine the different actions blocks on pages 4 and 5 into one page with 6 "free actions and reaction" blocks and 6 "actions and activities" blocks. I can copy over the graphics of the sheet, but when it comes to copying over the fields and the specific formula's for changing icons, I can never get it to work.

How does one go about making (or copying) the script to turn an "action" block into the symbol for a reaction, free, single, double, or triple action icon?

I would also like to make an icon button thing that cycles through the single, double, triple and reaction icons to show the actions that different spells take.

any help would be greatly appreciated