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    Question Anyone play Gloomhaven and/or Frosthaven?

    I have been playing Gloomhaven with a couple of friends for awhile now, but still have a lot of content to go through. I wasn't sure if it was recommended to play Frosthaven after finishing Gloomhaven or not.

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    Default Re: Anyone play Gloomhaven and/or Frosthaven?

    Frosthaven isn't out yet, but I've done the Kickstarter for it. I love Gloomhaven, and I actually had an easier time getting people to play that instead of a TTRPG. I'm just getting to Forgotten Circles now, and should have it all done when Frosthaven comes out.

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    Default Re: Anyone play Gloomhaven and/or Frosthaven?

    The follow up to Gloom is the Forgotten Circles expansion. Frost will come out sometime down the line. There's also an intro offshoot, but it's kinda redundant if you already have the main box. (There's also a version on Steam, but that's early access and more something to hop onto if you get the hankering for some quick game than a meaningful replacement for the board game yet.)

    To quibble, though, it isn't really an RPG. It has characters and growth (although you're encouraged to turn over characters instead of sticking with one for your whole career), but the choices are constrained, the writing is often questionable, and the setting would be quickly cracked open by just a fraction of the powers available to your typical D&D party. It's still a ton of fun as a cooperative boardgame, but sometimes the RPG skin leads people to expect more from that department than it can deliver.

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    Default Re: Anyone play Gloomhaven and/or Frosthaven?

    I played several hours of Gloomhaven...and decided that I didn't want to invest a whole lot more. I found it really dull and I didn't like the hand-management at all.

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    Default Re: Anyone play Gloomhaven and/or Frosthaven?

    I played the entire gloomhaven as a campaign, including all side missions we could unlock. It took roughly two years, so we averaged less than one scenarios a week. We unlocked all classes but did not finish playing them all to level 9.

    We were about to start Frosthaven but the plague hit right after we finished the last campaign scenario. Like less than 2 weeks after. Edit: correction we were about to start forgotten circles. At this point it's more likely we'll pick up frosthaven, it should be out by the time we can start meetups again.

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    Default Re: Anyone play Gloomhaven and/or Frosthaven?

    We had so much fun playing GloomHaven that we are using it as a pattern for our new D&D campaign.

    Running "Old School Essentials", which is a retro-clone of the '82 D&D Red Box. The basic rulebook has the 7 classic classes: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Magic-User, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling.

    But there's an advanced book with 15 extra classes. We're going to have goals in the campaign that unlock each of these classes as we play.

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