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    Default How We’ve Changed TTRPG Worlds

    In TTRPGs we all (for the most part) play heroes! We fight evil and we save the day, but for those who are in long-running campaigns or play in settings like Suzerain (has the Legends Awakened initiative where player sessions can affect canon lore of the universe, more info on that on the Savage Mojo site).

    What’s the biggest change or affect you/your party has had in a TTRPG? (be it scripted campaign event or ‘party-gone-wild’ events that the GM has had to deal with! :D )

    (Picture is of Solrayon-Sur-Mere it was a fishing village - it was destroyed in a Legends Awaken initiative game. More info on that on the Savage Mojo site)

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    Default Re: How We’ve Changed TTRPG Worlds

    a while back...

    when presented with "do-x-to-save-world" when the BBEG offers us great temptation to turn to his side....

    We turned to his side, and defended the "x" button so BBEG could win...magic on Greyhawk stopped working (this was in early 3.5) with BBEG express say-so.

    campaign was called short...went strait to epilogue....DM was none too pleased, had also be treated as distrusted adventurers to be spat on trope (I think so that the acceptance after would be high contrast) but held onto it far far too long and we were not exactly the best type of people to begin with.

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    Default Re: How We’ve Changed TTRPG Worlds

    Hmm... probably stealing a supervillain's research to give everyone on Earth superpowers to fight back against planet-sized, planet-killing alien monstrosities.

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    Default Re: How We’ve Changed TTRPG Worlds

    Scripted: Too many to count, overthrew nobles, actively chose a King 3 times, redirected a Demonic Invastion into a neighbouring Kingdom, and once made the sea rise to swallow 80+% of the continents.

    Nonscripted (or at least not until the DM redecided to retcon it into the evolution of the System): My Elven wizard once reintroduced the Old Elven way to cast spells, which was more flexible by far than the newer spell only does X version.

    My BBEG covered 1/5th of the continent with a "Kills everything but undead and constructs" field after the Players helped him achieve almost all he planned...end never even saw him coming. Until today I use that Villains name as username in another RPG forum.
    Best of all? All palyers agreed it was simply amazing...and went on to become undead, and strengthen themselves for 15 ingame years, to return and kick his ass.

    Sadly that campaign died due to 2 people moving away....sigh.
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    Default Re: How We’ve Changed TTRPG Worlds

    One that evolved across a long running campaign which started with the PVs on a fictitious Pirate island...

    In 1995, the party defeated "Red Patrick" their main rival and drove him off the island. They didn't know what he did, but he fled to Aegit - a Theocratic country nestled between the desert, the sea and an incredibly dangerous "deathplant" jungle the players dubbed "Duff Gardens". There he set about building himself a powerbase using resources from "Duff Gardens"

    In 1997, (and about 5 years of gametime later) the PCs accepted a job from the Warhammer chaos gods (who were leaking through a distant rift in the universe which connected to an empty patch of ocean) to guide their emissaries around the part of the world they knew on a diplomatic mission. When they got to Aegit, they met with the government and the meeting went...
    poorly. They (the PCs plus chaos emissaries) carved their way through the place which housed the entire government/priesthood and then sailed away.

    In late 1998 (and another year or so of game time later) The PCs went back to Aeget. It seemed like the civil wars had settled down so they wandered into a pub and had a few drinks. And they heard that Red Patrick was now in charge of the country. Then they started mouthing off about how they'd kick Red Patrick's "seat" back in the day. Red Patrick was the sort of pragmatist who's read the "Evil Overlord's handbook" so he didn't mess around. He sent a hit squad which delivered the 2nd TPK of my GMing career
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