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    Default [Starfinder] Replicating a 40K Sisters of Battle Seraphim

    I play Sisters of Battle in 40K, and am a particular fan of the Seraphim, so I'm wondering how to replicate one for a possible upcoming Starfinder game. Main things are having a Jump Pack and dual weilding pistols/flamers, possibly also performing "Acts of Faith". Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: [Starfinder] Replicating a 40K Sisters of Battle Seraphim

    Probably needs a lot of Soldier and a bit of Mystic.

    But Starfinder isnt really made for multiclassing, so my go would be to take a Soldier, remove some of their direct weapon/Battle abilities and homebrew a few acts of faith usable once per adventure.
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    Default Re: [Starfinder] Replicating a 40K Sisters of Battle Seraphim

    You probably have to go full operative or something. Maybe soldier with something like the fake-being-a-low-end-caster feats. The operatives and mechanics have some abilities that are basically magic with the numbers filed off.

    The jump pack is just level X gear. Before X, nope. After X, buy it anywhere. As an alternate movement mode it won't go obsolete in 3 or 4 levels.

    The pistol and flamer thing are going to an issue. Pistols are trash. Operatives get around it with trick attack bonus damage. Soldiers get some boosts that can almost, eventually, for a while, make up most of the difference. The flamers are heavy weapons that are OK. Luckily there are enough variations of them that you won't get too many level behind in your weapon if you want to stick with them. However that does suck up several more feats unless you go with soldier.

    Dual weilding/two weapon fighting isn't a thing in StarFinder. You can alternate weapons. I had an operative with two fusioned pistols to cover 4 energy types, and the 4 armed races can get some mileage out of longarm+polearm. But shooting two guns at once isn't worth trying.
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