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    [Laboratory - clone]

    Star of Hope glances at Eun's hands and notes the tense tone in her voice. "If you say so", he replies and returns his attention to Wenomir and Miranda.

    "Well, if you want to do this fast and and are willing to risk it, I volunteer to wake this man up. If not, I volunteer to remain here and guard him, while you go to fetch that warding expert of yours, or whatever other things you think need to be done. Don't let this", he waves at the clone vat, "tie you down more than it has to."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bc56 View Post
    Safe Room
    "Uh, I don't think so?" She does know someone who qualifies, but she doesn't yet know that person would qualify. "You're, uh, saying I need an advisor?" She does. She definitely does. "Uh, I guess that's right. I don't know, uh, anything about, uh, being a queen."
    Safe Room

    "Yes, we'd offer someone from our numbers but I'm not sure we have anyone with the right expertise." Cessie looks to her co-commander from her position at the overlooking glass room. "Right, Wenomir?"

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