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I think I might be done with this comic. ...
I don't care how Danelle was convinced to allow this, but the woman has been an absolute rock for this... GOBLIN... for years and years, and now is being openly cucked? I can't even.
You've clearly been 'done' with this comic since forever. You've been hate-watching the thing, hoping for it to fail/fall/disappoint to validate your enmity* towards the author. It's been flagrantly obvious the whole time. Also, did you just un-ironically use the term 'cuck?'
*which seems odd since your initial primary complaint -- the undelivered product -- is a clearly valid complaint and one that exists completely independently to whether the ongoing comic is great or horrible, wildly successful or a failure, etc.
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Even if if her wife wasn't aware, which I doubt because because why would she post something she'd want secret on Twitter, that's between the two of them.
That's pretty much it. You don't discuss an elicit affair on a public social media venue.

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But nothing I can find that suggests they weren't in an open or polyamorous relationship beforehand, or that her spouse isn't having her own partners. As long as it's always been consensual there's no problem with it.
Wild conjecture, but what Elli's transition has put the two of them in the position where they both love each other and want to stay married, but no longer look at the other person and see someone they find sexually attractive?