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    Default Real Historic figures for DnD

    So uh... I had this posted earlier in homebrew and it was closed for political and religious reasons. Somehow. Heres hoping this spot is better for my question.

    I have a campaign I'm working on, where everyone plays a level 20 character with two legendary and one rare magic item. The concept is that these figures are drawn throughout time to battle in an arena, the winner being given godhood. But in reality there is a secret plan in hand by the arena master. The twist is that all the competitors are historical figures through out real life. Diogenes, Michael Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, the first cave man that invented fire, ect.

    I need some suggestions for historical figures, even ones that may not be exactly full on real or true. Like Merlin. Anything works really.

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    Default Re: Real Historic figures for DnD

    You might consider taking a look at the Fate series, it has a very similar concept. There's some admittedly questionable parts since it started as a 18+ Visual Novel, but just skimming the wiki to see how they changed various Historical and Mythological figures into essentially Epic Level D&D characters might still have value.

    In particular is the series concept of "Noble Phantasms" essentially super moves tied to relics associated with the historical/mythological figure might give ideas for the magic items each has.

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    Default Re: Real Historic figures for DnD

    The Mod on the Silver Mountain: Thread closed.
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