So I've been playing Extinction's Curse (CIRCUS CAMPAIGN) and unfortunately my previous Goblin Elemental sorcerer died under rubble cause he had 0 in athletics and aiding in 2E is harder now. So I've decided to roll up another Sorcerer this time as a Gnome Fey Sorcerer. My goal is to make someone who specializes in Performance, and Deception, while still having some amount of firepower.

Learning my lesson I will be trained in athletics, But now I'm wondering what other skills, feats, and spells I should take, and at what lvls should I take them? We are only using Core, Lost Omens, Bestiary and the adventure path. It being a new system and all I don't know what is good and what is not, and what synergies together.

The party consists of:
Half-elf Liberator Champion of Calistria
Halfling Magical Trickster Rouge
Elf Leaf Druid whose also the Medic
And me, a Gnome Fey Sorcerer
So far here is my lvl-4 build


Ancestry Feat: Gnome Obsession
Heritage: Fey-Touched Gnome
Lvl2: Impressive Performance/Cantrip Expansion
Lvl3:Untrained Improv.
Lvl4:Fascinating Performance/Primal Evolution

Skills that I put points into:Athletics(T),Deception(T), Diplomacy(T), Lore:Circus(E), Nature(T), Performance(E)

0-lvl: Acid Splash,Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Ray of Frost, Guidance, Ghost Sound, (Prestidigitation: Changeable)

1-Lvl: Burning Hands, Heal, Fleet Step, Charm(Signature)

2-lvl: Sudden Bolt, Dispel Magic, Resist energy, Hideous Laughter(Signature)