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    Default Zoom Backgrounds

    So while in lockdown, I've been finding more and more interest in different zoom backgrounds to spice things up.

    Happily , a number of companies have released some interesting once.

    Studio Ghibli

    Square Enix / Final Fantasy VII

    LucasArts/Star Wars .
    Street Fighter, Assassin's Creed, others .

    All of these are officially released by their copyright holders.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has some cool ones to contribute as well, either released or drawn personally?


    Brian P.
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    Default Re: Zoom Backgrounds

    I wasn't using any background before, but that some nice staff there you have link, thanks !

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    Default Re: Zoom Backgrounds

    I was just using ones from Deviantart.
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    Default Re: Zoom Backgrounds

    I avoid using any backgrounds because I want people to see the stuff I have around me in case it sparks conversation.

    But then when it does I feel too shy to talk about it, so there is that.

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    Default Re: Zoom Backgrounds

    I use my own pictures. I have enough of those to change - if I want - the background every day and never run out before I retire (which is still a lot of years in the future). Although mostly I use a pic of my office I took when I went back there a month or so ago and use that, so it looks as if I'm back in the office.
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