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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVIII: Dancink! Ve is here for de dancink!

    He's also likely aware that this is part of one of Albia's schemes, and dislikes schemes in general given his family history.

    Also, it seems Krosp has found a soulmate. Or at least somebody who can pretend to be one while pumping him for information.

    Finally, this feels like the opening of a new volume, what with the recaps and all.

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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVIII: Dancink! Ve is here for de dancink!

    Another vote for Corkboard :-)
    Not "fire at". I never used the word "at"
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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVIII: Dancink! Ve is here for de dancink!

    Quote Originally Posted by Calemyr View Post
    Orotine is a wild card, and not one Tarvek trusts. Given his superior knowledge on muses and their history, I wouldn't dismiss it as simple paranoia.

    Now, this could be because Orotine's behavior during or after the fall of the Storm King makes Tarvek question her allegiance. A Muse of Geometry could reasonably be expected to jump ship to a preferable circumstance once her original purpose cannot be furthered, and she can certainly be expected to make this conclusion and pick a new angle far sooner than her sisters would. Ergo, Tarvek could easily expect her to be a traitor and manipulator. It's almost explicitly her stated nature.

    Alternatively, Tarvek is outright stated himself to be expecting divide and conquer tactics here in England. He was amused at the dance at just how many women have been directed like arrows at Gil, but none at him - right before Orotine showed up. Tarvek knows himself quite well, he knows the muses are something of a weakness for him. Putting Orotine in front of him right now seems less like kismet and more like conspiracy, so he is triple-guessing everything the muse has to say in order to figure out just what her game is and - with luck - the game of her compatriots/superiors/whatever.
    I doubt very much that Orotine is a traitor by nature or otherwise - she and her sisters were literally made to serve the Storm King. The worst I can say about her at the moment is that she is being very coy about who the first and second in line for the Storm King are (She has been very clear about Tweedle being third at best). All we really know based onm her remarks on this page is that he or she is in the current party.

    I would, however, be wary of what Albia might have done with her betweentimes, or why Albia is deploying her now.

    Quote Originally Posted by keybounce View Post
    Another vote for Corkboard :-)
    Votes to date noted.

    Spoiler: Tell me why...

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