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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVIII: Dancink! Ve is here for de dancink!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    I wonder if lions are a symbol of England in this universe too. I mean, they've obviously never been conquered by Normandy so it shouldn't be, but they do use the Union Jack anyway, so...
    Like much of Europa compared to actual Europe, england seems to have picked up all the trappings, despite lacking the historical events to make such trappings possible. Presumably, some equivalent occurred.

    Heck, the name "England" implies that the island was at one point conquered by the anglo-saxons, which seems counter to them being ruled by an immortal god-queen since what appears to be pre-roman times.

    The Trelawny Thorpe story implies that the King Arthur legend is intact. That legend itself seems incongruous with Albia's eternal reign. (maybe Albia took a break for a while, only showing up to emerge from a lake and give a sword to the guy she had appointed Regent in her absence).

    We do know Albia was missing for a time after The Other's attack on the Queen's Sanctum. That could be when the Anglo-saxon invasion, and Camelot, occurred.
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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVIII: Dancink! Ve is here for de dancink!

    She may not have been queen of England for all of the time she was a spark "queen" - perhaps after overthrowing the neolithic witch that guarded the gate she went off on adventures with the other queens and England developed on its own course until Albia eventually returned and ascended to the throne.
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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVIII: Dancink! Ve is here for de dancink!

    Page 50! Is it new thread time? It's new thread time!
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