Monk Tatooist tradition

Your opinion ? Loosely based on rune knight. Some powers are passive, activated by a trigger like half-orc relentless endurance without using ressource (action, bonus action, reaction).

Tattooed monks improve their defense by using the power of ki stored in tattoos. Master tattooists know how to capture the power of magic as well as ki, but the energy of ki is much faster to produce and a tattoo can be soaked with power in just an hour.

Extra Skills
When you choose this archetype at level 3, you are proficient in tattoo artist tools.

Ki tattoos

At 3rd level, the tattooed man gains the use of mystical symbols, which he has engraved directly on his flesh in the form of scarifications or tattoos.

These tattoos pulsate with a light, clearly identifiable ki energy from the moment they are activated until the effect they produce ends. You learn how to use the power of 2 tattoos of your choice, from those described below, and each time you level up in this class you can replace a tattoo you know with another. When you reach certain levels in this class, you learn additional tattoos as shown in the table of known tattoos.

These symbols contain a ki effect that is activated passively in response to an event that you determine at the time of the tattoo. You also learn to harness their power willfully at higher levels.

Known Tattoos
Monk level Number of tatoos
3rd 2
6th 3
11th 4
17th 5

The following tattoos are available to you when learning a tattoo. If a tattoo requires a saving throw, your saving DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your wisdom modifier.

The maximum number of ki points you can spend to cast a spell or activate an effect in this way (including the initial cost in ki points) is determined by your monk level, as shown in the table below.

monk Maximum ki points per spell or effect
5-8 3
9-12 4
13-16 5
17-20 6

The following tattoos are available to you when learning a tattoo. If a tattoo requires a saving throw, your saving DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your wisdom modifier.

Thousand Eyes Tattoo (Passive)

The tattoo will glow red and blue in color, in an involuntary reaction to the danger. When you are surprised by an attack, your tattoo allows you to gain a combat turn as if you are not surprised.

Resilience Tattoo (Passive)
The ki in this tattoo gives you a resilience reminiscent of half-orcs. When you drop to 0 hit points, but aren't killed instantly, you can drop to 1 hit point instead. You must complete a short or long rest before you can use this ability again.

Empathetic tattoo (reaction)

The ki in this tattoo helps to share the pain felt in response to an attack. Using your reaction to a melee attack, the creature that damaged you is negatively impacted by its attack. It must make a Constitution saving throw. The damage from the triggering attack is then also taken by the creature on a failed save. One ki point is required for each 10 points of damage caused (eg 2 points for 11 points of damage).

Element absorption tattoo (reaction)

The ki of this tattoo confers resistance to the elements reminiscent of a native of the primordial plane. It allows you to cast the equivalent of the absorp elements spell (1st level only) at the cost of 2 ki points.

Roc tattoo (reaction)

The ki in this tattoo imparts resistance reminiscent of a block of stone.
Using a reaction, which you take when taking bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage (including damage, the tattoo captures some of the incoming energy, reducing its effect on you and storing it for your next attack. melee. The cost is 2 ki You gain resistance to this type of damage until the start of your next turn. Additionally, the first time you hit with a melee attack on your next turn , the target takes an additional 1d6 damage of the target damage type, and the effect ends.

Critical Protection Tattoo (Reaction, 7th level prerequisite)

The ki of this tattoo is used to prevent the additional damage obtained by a critical attack roll. Using your reaction to a critical attack and using 2 ki points, the attack does not benefit from rolling extra dice for damage.

Ironbreaker Tattoo (Bonus Action)
The ki in this tattoo allows you to channel your strength into a devastating explosion. As a bonus action combined with an attack on a object or paralyzed or unconscious creature, you can double your damage (in combination with a possible critical hit). The cost is 2ki. Each round of Concentration multiplies the damage by 2 at a cost of 2 additional ki.

Tattoo of vulnerability (bonus action, 7th level prerequisite)

The ki in this tattoo grants vulnerability to an affected creature. As a bonus action, at the cost of 4 ki points, you try to make a creature you touch vulnerable to a type of damage you have inflicted on it. The creature must make a Constitution saving throw to resist this effect. Creatures resistant to this type of damage are immune to this ability. The vulnerability is active for a number of rounds equal to your wisdom modifier (minimum 1).

Patient force

At 6th level, whenever you consciously activate a tattoo (requiring a bonus action or reaction), a patient defense can also be activated at a cost of 1 ki.

Increased defense

At 11th level, the ki of your tattoos alters you permanently. When you gain this ability, you gain 1 additional AC point.

Supreme Ki

At 17th level, whenever you activate a flurry of blows or an wind step as a bonus action, you can also activate a tattoo.