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    d6 [GM Tool] My Pathfinder 1E Random Loot Generator
    Finding myself dissatisfied with the state of the automatic random treasure generators that are available, I decided to simply make my own spreadsheet. This is the final product, so, feel free to use this, and if you are so kind, please leave a comment if there is any issues. This link is an editable version, and everyone is free to copy their own copy for use, but please dont make me revert any edits to the master (i have a backup). My intention is to turn this into a scripted macro to allow 1 click automatic generation, however, due to this being a beta version, instead, I chose to use google sheets. In order to randomize your treasure (no rolling or rng needed), simply use the front page and randomize the categories you wish to generate (right click the column, select randomize range. Then, once you record the given treasure, hit undo to reset everything). The specific items are in the tabs beyond the first page, and can be randomized the same way. The way the whole thing works in on the principal that treasure is easier to make "useful" to a party by assigning the -most- valuable items as possible (I determine it is better to use the most expensive item of its category possible for the level, and give players one good item each throughout multiple encounter/rewards; rather than divide the treasure between party members, and giving them items far below their level, however, it is up to the GM if they wish to give items to everyone at once by using less expensive items). To guarantee your treasure is appropriate, simply remember the target value for the treasure by level on the front page, and randomly determine which type of item, modified by an optional roll on the Equipment list to modify equipment. Then, head to the tab associated with your treasure, and continue to use the categories listed (some tabs have repeat information between each other such as special materials). If the random item generated is worth MORE than the treasure by level value, re roll; if the value is LESS, record your results, and roll again (subtracting the items value from the total) until a negligible amount of treasure is left (you can just give this as GP)
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