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    Default PDF Software Suggestions

    So my fiancé is finally going to be a fully-fledged attorney in the next few months (barring some crazy unforeseen something going wrong at the last minute). Now, he's going to need some pretty decent PDF software to do everything he'll need to do. I'm trying to help him out by researching options, but getting a comprehensive feature list without committing to all kinds of crazy stuff is difficult. So I was wondering if they Playground here had any suggestions.

    The features he needs are:

    • Be non-subscription (ie a one time fee to buy the software)
    • Move, insert, and extract pages (I imagine they all do this, though)
    • Support secure redaction
    • Enable/support e-signatures (again, this seems to be pretty common)
    • Allow for markup and commenting, including custom formatting of color, font, etc. (he likes to color code his comments and notes, so this is important)
    • Support creating and editing forms
    • Multiple compression and security options when saving
    • Some ability to automate markups and editing (eg find-and-replace, find-and-highlight, etc.)

    So, that's it. Any suggestions? The redaction thing, in particular, is one I'm having trouble finding information on, and it's key to protecting client privacy and such.

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    Default Re: PDF Software Suggestions

    You can take a look at PDF-XChange Editor. About redaction:

    I think you can try it as a shareware, with the limit that you get watermarks on it (they stop appearing after you pay).
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    Default Re: PDF Software Suggestions

    Congrats to your fiancé!

    Hopefully others in the Playground will prove me wrong, but as far as I know, no singular PDF application meets all your criteria. Adobe comes the closest, and they have a pretty aggressive grip on PDFs and PDF manipulation. But I think they only do subscriptions now.
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    Default Re: PDF Software Suggestions

    I use Foxit Reader it almost has all of the features you need
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    Default Re: PDF Software Suggestions

    My company also uses PDF X-Change Editor, and it seems to do most of the stuff you want. I'm not in our software department, so I have no idea whether it's a one-time payment or a subscription service, though.
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