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    Default Physics Nobel 2020: Black Holes

    Press Release for 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics

    Penrose has long been a famous name in the field, and was honored for his work in showing that black holes were a prediction of general relativity.

    (I like to joke about black holes being "divide by zero" errors in the curvature of spacetime.)

    Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez both led teams that tracked stars (and other objects) near to Sagittarius A*, leading to the conclusion that our Milky Way Galaxy orbits around a supermassive black hole.

    Dr. Ghez is only the fourth woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Physics, with Dr. Donna Strickland earning (a share of) the prize in 2018 for her work on laser development. Prior to Dr. Strickland, the Nobel Committee for Physics had gone 55 years since honoring Maria Goeppert Mayer without recognizing a female recipient.

    Congratulations to all three honorees!
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    Default Re: Physics Nobel 2020: Black Holes

    I don't know much about the physics of black holes but it does seem awfully interesting.
    When the news came out local news outlets only mentioned that it had been won by women, and not their names. Which is a shame since they appear to be quite famous on their own accord.

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