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    Default Re: [3.5] Epic Tristalt Treadmill

    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    In general: walk me through how you're arriving at your saves totals and your skill ranks. The ones I glanced over mostly seemed to be off in some way, and I'll take a closer look when I can. For now, things to keep in mind for that walkthrough:

    1) We're using fractional BAB/Saves, and this should include the Epic Bonuses, to be clear.

    2) You can get +2 to a save more than once, as with normal multiclassing.

    3) You add the skills of your various classes together, but you still only get Int mod once per level (well, four times at lvl 1, but...yeah).

    4) We're using Retroactive Skill Points from Int boosts. It's one of very few 100% houserules going on here.

    Spoiler: Ripptor

    1) Your numbers are probably too big and I don't care cuz it's super-cool and is mostly just using magic to get big and bad (and for grappling at that). My problem, as mentioned in the Discord, is with your templates. I need an explanation for what's going on with your particular brand of lycanthropy, such that you have the things that you have, but you also have RHD/LA that can fit on a single track.
    Hey! I'm so excited that you're interested!!

    1) I've never heard of Epic Bonuses before, but it looks like you don't get your first one until lvl 22? I don't have any included in my build...

    2) I did do that one! A lot, actually Which is why my base saves are so high, but that only matters if I'm allowed to roll them...

    3) I did that too, my sheet includes the breakdown at the bottom of the skill lists as double-book accounting, so the total should be 0.

    4) My Int is unchanged, so we're good there!

    1) She's an Entomanthrope of a Tiny Scorpion, gaining +2 LA and 0.5 RHD, which per Savage Species is rounded down to 0 RHD. This means she only gains +4 Con from her Hybrid form, but the Paragon template makes up for the lack of big numbers from the Entomanthrope template.

    She gains the Claws/Sting/Poison of the Scorpion, which are based on creature size, so her staying medium size (And super-sizing to Colossal) side-step any weird numbers discussions there!

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    Default Re: [3.5] Epic Tristalt Treadmill

    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    1) Puck's numbers in general are low-ish, particularly AC, but he's also got some casting and solid debuffing. How much can that casting change you into a more credible threat, whether via self-buffing or attacks?
    Puck doesn't self-buff, that's a naughty practice. He can self-heal infinitely for free, but that's much different.
    As for attacks, I've calculated him working up to 6 attacks in a round, dealing 211 each (no damage roll). This is with nothing more than Haste cast (he doesn't count that as self-buffing). He can easily blow his three seventh level spell slots on Arcane Strike without losing anything, he can't use those slots for anything else. And let's not forget the necromantic fun he can have.

    I intentionally left a number of things open. I did that so he has room to buy/equip things that will help him work with the party better.

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    Default Re: [3.5] Epic Tristalt Treadmill

    Fixed my sheet too!

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    Default Re: [3.5] Epic Tristalt Treadmill

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