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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XLI: Secondary Opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by hamishspence View Post
    That's sufficient evidence for me. All it takes is one missing comma, after all.
    Would have been my thought as well, except that the printed codex has “Primaris, Primaris Apothecary.” I suspect the second Primaris is a typo, given you don’t get Primaris Techmarine or anything else written in the same way, but needs errata.
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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XLI: Secondary Opinions

    Forum ate my Fast Attack post.

    Short version:

    Assault Squads; Bad.

    Outriders; Resilient, but lack the firepower to be competitive in the New Marine meta. Bad.

    Invader ATVs; Gimmickly resilient. Lack the firepower to be competitive in the New Marine meta. What makes them good (i.e; A gimmick) is likely to get nerfed. Maybe wait until the first Errata - or CA'20? - until you go and buy 9.

    Bike Squads; Firstborn units with access to masse Grav-weapons, are very good - especially when they have 3 Wounds and T5. "What if Terminators could take Grav-weapons...They'd be really good..." Taking more than the minimum Bikers, is too many.

    Scout Bikes; Entire unit can have Astartes Grenade Launchers, and that's...Decent. Main use is in a Chapter where they can Advance and Charge. Alternatively, give them a bunch of bonuses to Charge and have them move normally. Their role is to be a non-Concealed Positions Turn 1 Charge, and that's not nothing, since Scout Bikes don't rely on deploying first to grab board control which allows them to Charge. They just have enormous movement, and auto-Advance 6", and carry all Assault weapons.

    Attack Bikes; Unsurprisingly very effective with Multi-Meltas. Arguably best in slot. But in their role, compete with Eradicators.

    Suppressors; Highly valued in the New Marine meta. Smokescreen and Phobos Keywords make them viable, even if they are 'only' T4 with 2 Wounds each.

    Inceptors; Trades firepower for resilience (T5, 3 Wounds). Here, we see that Inceptors never actually had Heavy Bolters, and are stuck at 1 Damage. Hopefully this means that Deathwatch will ramp them significantly. But, for now, trading firepower for resilience is something that only Iron Hands can gamble on.

    Storm Speeders; All terrible, too overcosted. T6 and 10 Wounds is bad. All bad. All the time.
    Storm Speeders have 3 Datasheets.

    Land Speeders; An argument could be made that they're better than Attack Bikes - because Fly - and they are much, much better than Storm Speeders - because points cost. Don't necessarily compete with Eradicators.
    Land Speeders have 3 Datasheets.
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