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    Default Item Slots for a homebrew player race?

    They physically resemble ordinary penguins- so aquatic avians.
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    Default Re: Item Slots for a homebrew player race?

    IMO it takes a high standard of geometric impossibility to be worth abandoning the standard humanoid body slots on a player race, even if you have to fudge the fluff a littleŚmaybe they'll have to wear rings and gloves on their feet and boots on their wings. We're talking about magic items that can resize to fit the wearer, after all.

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    Default Re: Item Slots for a homebrew player race?

    - Neck slot: they have it
    - Chest slot: no doubt
    - Head slot: same, may be a bit difficult for items that don't fit themselves to the wearer
    - Belt slot: uhhh, kinda? Not really the same as humanoids, but I can picture a penguin wearing a belt
    - Feet slot: Don't really see it fitting, unless they get the item custom-made

    Your main issue here is rings, gauntlets and bracelets. You have to decide whether they have actual penguin-like wings, or humanoid arms. As said above, you may obviate rings by having them worn on the feet, but everything else looks weird.

    But it's not just that: if they don't have humanoid arms, then they also can't really manipulate most objects. They can't hold swords or use a lockpick, and they'd seriously struggle to grasp and grab anything. For the sake of player's comfort, I'd make those creatures a bit more anthropomorphic while retaining the general penguin shape and look.

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