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    Default PEACH - New Martial Discipline: Vengeance of the Sun

    A Friend and CO-DM made this Discipline. I already modified 2 maneuvers due to problems, but overall it seems fine to me.

    Please tell me if:
    It is broken anywhere
    It is overall too weak/Strong
    Any other problem (not "Dislike" of the Theme/Style, mechanical problems) you might notice.

    This Discipline is intended to be used in a Game that mostly uses PoW Classes for any martial Character over Level 10 (ergo including NPC`s), in case that is an issue to consider.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    Vengeance of the Sun

    Originally developed by 3 Paladins and one Priest of Zarus (yes, in a purely human continent they can be his servants AND Good), the discipline has found many a practitioner among priests and other adherents of Lathander, Pelor and other Sun Gods.
    Many have tried to prevent the truth about its origin from spreading, and indeed a lot of its practitionors do not know that the First Human crated it.
    The Style is rather classic in its Sword and Board and intimidating Displays of Scouring Light,, and as long as people are Humans and/or dont know who founded it has an excellent reputation in most areas, since it deals with Evil and Undead rather easily.

    Classes: Warlords can always learn maneuvers from this Discipline.
    Warders can replace an existing one with it.
    Zaelots of human Origin gain it as Bonus Discipline, other Zaelots can exchange an existing Discipline for it.
    Harbingers or Stalkers cannot learn this Discipline, and neither can any Character whose race or prior classes have a connection to Darkness or Undeath.

    This Discipline cannot be learned if the Character has Maneuvers known from the follwing Disciplines (and conversely maneuvers from these Disciplines cannot be learned after learning maneuvers from Vengeance of the Sun): Black Seraph, Unquiet Grave, Veiled Moon.

    Style: Manipulating Light and Intimidation, combined with classic Sword and Board techniques, especially effective vs. Evil and Undead.

    Associated Weapons: Morning Stars, Maces, onehanded Swords, Flails and Shields.

    Associated Skill: Intimidate.

    Maneuver Save DCs:
    5+1/2Level+Cha Mod.

    Light Damage: The "pure Light" of this Style only deals Damage to nongood targets. Good Targets are healed by half the Light Damage instead (unless they willingly fail their saves though, shooting them with the maneuvers is still not optimal^^).
    Against Undead, Light Damage has the following additional Effects:
    Reduces DR by half, round down (unless the Maneuver fully ignores DR), stops inherent Fast healing for 2 turns.
    Light has no additional Effects on Outsiders (including not healing Good Outsiders, it simply doesnt affect them, and neither does it ignore DR/etc of Evil Outsiders).

    In Sunlight/During Day: A few maneuvers/Stances of this Discipline require being in direct Sunlight or for them to be used during the day.
    In exchange for the reduced flexibility, these maneuvers are a bit more powerful than their Level Sisters.

    The Disciplines Discipline Weapon Groups are one-handed Swords, the Mace and the Morningstar, as well as medium Shields.
    The Disciplines Associated SKill is Intimidate.

    Maneuver DC`s are calculated as follows: 5+1/2 HD+Charisma Bonus+Level of Maneuver.

    Level 1:

    Lesser Sun Stance: Can only be assumed in direct sunlight. Adds +2 to all attack and Damage rolls.

    Lesser Sun Strike: Strike, adds 1d6 fire and 1d6 Light Damag to an attack.

    Enlightening Riposte: Counter. Requires succesful parry/Block. Blinding Light surges over the attacker, dazing him for 1 turn.

    Lesser Solar Healing:
    Boost. Heals you by 2D6+Cha Mod.

    Level 2:

    Sun Shield Trick: Counter. You reflect sunlight via your shield, boosted by your own light. The target that atacks you must pass a reflex safe or be blinded for 2 turns.

    Suns Healing: Boost. Spend a move action to center yourself and heal 4D6+Cha Mod HP.
    This can be applied to any Good Ally instead, but then only heals 2D6+Cha Mod.

    Lesser Light Envelopement: Boost. Requires a favoured Weapon of the Style. Coats that weapon in pure Light.
    This makes the weapon unable to harm Good Targets but deals an additional 2D6 to Evil Targets and undead (yes, to evil Undead thats an additional 4D6). The effect ends after a full attack action or 2 turns if not atacking.

    Lesser Solar Glare: Boost. Your eyes emitt glowing light. Add twice your Charisma Modifier to any Intimidation attempt, up to a total additional Bonus of +6. This intimidating action does not require words, only LoS.

    Level 3:

    Sun Stance: Can only be assumed during Day. Grants Fire Resistance 10 and adds 3 to all Attack and Damage Rolls.

    Lesser Solar Spear: Strike. Attacks touch AC, range 50ft. Deals 5D6 Damage, 3D6 Fire and 2D6 holy.

    Lesser Reflecting Shield:
    Boost. For the next 3 turns, you can make a parry roll to reflect any spell targeting only you that deals damage and is not a physical projectile back to the attacker. Ends after reflecting a Spell.

    Slowing Solar Pummle. Strike.
    Requires medium Shield or Tower Shield. Target must pass a Fort Save vs Cha Mod+dealt Damage. If it fails, it is slowed to half speed for 1D4+1 turns.

    Level 4:

    Touch of Light: Boost. You touch an Ally and wrap him in Light. This grants the Ally Fast healing 4 for 3*your Charisma Mod Turns, and if he should fall unconscious, gives him a fort save to reawaken instantly.

    Light Envelopment: As lesser, but increases damage to 3D6 each, and ignores DR unless the source is 4 levels or more higher than you.

    Shielded Charge: Boost, requires a medium Shield or larger,, requires Charge.
    While charging you hold your gleaming shield before you. This makes you immune to AoO for the charge, and increases your AC Shield bonus by 4.
    If you hit the target of your charge, add +3 to any overrun or Bull Rush Attempts.

    Solar Glare: As lesser, but increases Range to 60ft and max Bonus to +9.

    Blinking Sun Step: Boost. You teleport to target Destination that you can see. At arriving you deal 1D4 Light Daage within 10ft of you per Cha Mod Point, up to 8D4.

    Sun Strike: Strike. Adds 3D6 Fire and Light Damage to your next Melee Attack.

    Level 5:

    Greater Sun Stance: If assumed in direct Sunlight, double bonuses.
    Grants Fire Resistance 15, and adds +1D6+1 to all Damage, Attack and Combat maneuver Rolls.

    Reflecting Shield:
    As lesser reflecting Shield, but can reflect 2 attacks, and adds 1D4 Light Damage to the reflected Spell per Cha Mod.

    Stance of Flickering Light: You may use Dimension Door at will as long as starting and end point are within Sunlight.

    Dextrous Solar Pummle: Strike, requires Medium Shield or Tower Shield. Increases CMB to trip or bull rush or disarm Target by your Cha Mod.

    Solar Spear:
    As lesser Solar Spear but increases Range to 100ft and Damage to 6D6 Fire and Light each.

    Greater Sun`s Healing:: As Suns healing, but increases the amount healed to 8D6+Cha Mod (You) or 6D6+Cha Mod (Ally).

    Level 6:

    Sunlight of Salvation: Boost. Heals all Good Allies within 20ft of you by 1D6HP per Charisma Bonus, and restores one point of Ability Damage per Target (or if only some targets are suffering from ability Damage, up to 3pts per target).

    Greater Light Envelopement: Enveloped Weapon ignores ANY DR, increase the Damage Bonus to 5D6 per Type.

    Greater Shielded Charge: As regular, but adds 1D6 Light Damage for every 10ft you have charged, and increases AC Bonus to +6.

    Devastating Solar Glare: If your Intimidate Roll suprasses the Targets resistance by 10 or more, it is burned, suffering 1D4 Damage per Cha Mod point. If it is failed by 15 or more, the target cowers in absolute horror for 1D4+1 Turns, unable to do anything.

    Greater Solar Spear: As Solar Spear, but range is now LoS.

    Level 7:

    Stance of the Suns Wrath:
    Stance. Sunlight surrounds you with 30ft radius, dealing 4d6 damage pr turn and applying a -4 circumstance malus to all undead in range. Additionally, you add your Charisma Mod to all Damage rolls vs undead, and critical Hits against Undead deal double Damage.

    Stance of Zarus` Displeasure: While in this stance, you can intimidate any targets within 40ft of you, up to a number equal to thrice your Cha Mod, at the same time. You start of with a bonus to the roll of +6, each 2 additional Targets reduce the bonus by, down to -6.
    Assuming this Stance while nonhumans are present makes them move one step closer to hostile unless they are your close friends or sworn Subordinates (in that case you`ll have some explaining to do afterwards though...).

    Greater Reflecting Shield:
    Lasts for 7 turns and up to 4 reflections. Adds 1D6 Light Damage per Cha Mod, and increases the Spells DC by 2.

    Sunny Prayer: You pray for your Gods intgervention. Baths the area (up to 120ft diameter) in Daylight. Removes the worst negative Effect from you and all nonevil Allies, then removes up to your Charisma Mod additional negative Conditions. Can only be used once per Encounter.

    Blinking Barrage:
    Requires 3 targets in Sight. You teleport to each of these targets as a full round action, counting the attacka gainst each Target as a StandardCharge with all regular Charge Effects (Cannot be combined with Shield Charge). This allows you to make 3 regular Charge attack in one turn, while not needing to actually cross the terrain between you and your targets.

    Suns Perfect Healing:
    Boost. Range 30ft or Self. heals you or target ally as a Heal Spell would.
    If used to heal yourself requires a move Action, if healing someone else requires a Standard Action.

    Level 8:

    Summon Armor of the Sun. You summon a glowing, molten Golden Set of Full Plate. This has the following Stats: Armor Bonus 12, max Dex +4, Immunity to Fire Damage, Immunity to Light attacks below your own DC, and attackers must pass a Fort Save or suffer -3 to any attack Rolls vs you.
    Duration: 10 Minutes.
    If you are already wearing armor, replaces the Bonus, but other effects of the worn armor (Say DR, SR, Elemental Resistances, etc) remain.

    Mighty Solar Pummle: Strike, , requires medium Shield or Towershield. You Shield bash the target, with explosive solar Might. Deals triple the normal Shield Damage and causes a small explosion at the point of Impact, dealing an additional 3D6 Fire and 3D6 Force Damage. If the target is dealt more damage by one damage type than it has Constitution, it suffers from Deafness and Blindness for 3 turns, no Save.

    Form of Light: Boost. For the Duration of the next 5 turns, you become a being of pure Light. This givs you the Incorporeal Template, doubles your movement speed aand increases pure Light/Fire attacks Damage by 20% or 3D6,. whichever is less.
    It however also removes all non Light/Fire Damage and makes you unable to use physical Maneuvers (like the Pummels) for its Duration.

    Greater Touch of Light. Boost. As Touch of Light, but also removes all Ability Drain/Damage the Ally is suffering from, up to a number of pts equal to your Charisma Modifier, and increases the Fast Healing to 10.

    Level 9:

    Stance of the Sun Resplendent: You are a Sun in truth now. Deals 4D6 Damage, half Fire, half holy, to all Enemies within 30ft+5ft per Charisma Mod, and all seeing enemies must pass a fortitude Save vs ˝ your level +14 + Cha Mod, or cannot attack you at all.

    Solar Annihilation: Strike. Deals your LevelD8+2*Cha Mod Damage, half fire half holy, to any and all beings either within 30ft of you, or a line of 2 ft diameter and 100dft length.
    Creatures falling to 0 or less HP are instantly disintegrated in a way that makes resurrection with anything but True Ressurection impossible.
    This damage pierces all Fire Resistance, and deals half Damage even to fire Immune Targets.

    Sword of Zarus: Requires Servant of Zarus or LG Paladin of a Sun God.
    You summon the Sword of the First God of the Sun. This is a pure energy sword with the following Stats:
    Base Damage: 3D6+1D4 per Charisma Bonus, all Light Damage, 18-20*3.
    Wounds dealt by this weapon cannot be healed except after a Restoration Spell was first cast on the Target.
    This sword ignores any and all DR effects and attacks touch AC.
    Yo can only make half your normal maximum number of attacks per turn while Wielding the Sword of zarus.
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    Default Re: PEACH - New Martial Discipline: Vengeance of the Sun

    Some smaller tweaks and Typo-Corrections made.
    A neutron walks into a bar and says, “How much for a beer?” The bartender says, “For you? No charge.”

    Later: An atom walks into a bar an asks the bartender “Have you seen an electron? I left it in here last night.” The bartender says, “Are you sure?” The atom says, “I’m positive.”

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