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    Default Lvl 5 Bomb! (PF2e) PEACH

    First, a bit of unimportant background.

    I'm still a bit new to Pathfinder 2e and I'm running an Age Ash game where we're still on the first book. With an afternoon of downtime our alchemist wanted to meet up with some fellow alchemists and I figured it would be reasonable to assume there would be some at the Artisan guild, I thought it would be nice for him to make some friends, help with a break through and get a formula he could use in a couple levels.

    Anyway, I forgot what level the various bombs improved at and ended up saying "level 5 Bomb" a lot (I've kinda assumed wizards and alemcemist have quantified things like rounds and item levels by now.

    So, now I have two options; either admit to my mistakes and correct my error or use it as an excuse to make a fun homebrew item.

    I was thinking something like,

    Level 5 Bomb
    0 damage, 3d4 splash (force)

    It only does damage and a reasonable amount to bunch of people, can't crit and may even makes my players more aware of their combat formations.

    Please let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Lvl 5 Bomb! (PF2e) PEACH

    The main problem with this is that whille there is no chance of a crit there is equally little chance of a miss. The GMG says to compare alchemical items to spells available at equivalent levels, and make them slightly less powerful due to the number that can be produced. Let's look therefore at magic missile, which provides a very good comparison. As a 3rd level spell, for equivalent actions it deals 3 more points of damage than this, and can be spread over three targets. However, this deals damage over a small area. Even if one uses the bomber inital field discovery this is not much worse. I think therefore that it is slightly overpowered. Perhaps if it deals 2d4 it might be better, but I think that there are probably more interesting ways to deal with it.
    I hope this helped.

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