Hi! I want to ask if people would be interested in an alchemy themed supplement for DnD 5e and what people would want out of it. I aim to make one, and am working on it right now, so I'd like to hear from as many people as possible. I love crafting mechanics in TTRPGs. In my mind, they're a great way to spend player downtime. The need for specific components and ingredients can lead to interesting side-quests with a lot of player investment. My alchemy supplement includes differing levels of alchemical items (lesser, greater, superior and supreme), a specific ingredient used for each potion, a mechanic that speeds up the crafting process that is tested and balanced, an experimentation mechanic that allows you to mix up ingredients of different alchemical items and gain a special effect and alchemical subclasses for most classes (all excluding bard, cleric, monk, paladin, sorcerer and warlock). Of course, I can't show much for it as it's still a WIP (and I'm a new member so I can't post links hehe), but in the mean time I would love to hear what everyone else wants out of an alchemical crafting supplement for 5e, and maybe even some ideas I could use for it, should some of you want to share them. Thank you all for your time!~