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    Default Re: Wild magic sorcerer fix- your opinion please!

    IMX wild sorcs already yet somewhere between #slots/2 and #slots surges per LR, due to Tides. Closer to the top number at lower levels because theyre so concious of it.

    So around 6 surges per LR at level 3, and around 8-12 per LR by level 10, with a potential max of 16.

    Thats before the d20 roll for a second surge
    IMO its not really necessary to increase the odds of that second surge occuring.

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    Default Re: Wild magic sorcerer fix- your opinion please!

    As others have said, the primary fix that I want for my Wild Sorcerers is the removal of DM whim on my primary class feature.

    That said, I am really intrigued at the idea of making other casters surge. Making my own chaos contagious, as it were. I wonder if this could be broken out as a Feat?

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    Default Re: Wild magic sorcerer fix- your opinion please!

    Quote Originally Posted by Porcupinata View Post
    How common actually is it for the DM to not give surges? I hear about it on the internet, but in real life I've never known a DM not give the roll after every spell and give an auto-surge (not needing a roll) on the next spell after a Tides of Chaos.

    Clearly there are internet stories about DMs who refuse to let the player roll for surges after casting, but then internet stories make all sorts of minority situations sound as if they happen all the time.

    How common is this in actual play?
    I can only offer anecdotal evidence, but one DM I played under refused to let me roll if I was within 20ft of anyone, for fear of a Fireball. In a cramped-corridor dungeon crawl. Instead of replacing that single Wild Magic Surge with literally anything else.

    I left the game after that session.

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