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    Default Re: Serious Plots 9: Srsr and srsr

    [Tra fo Ytnuoc]

    It's not that big of a settlement. Just a hodgepodge of lost people, with basic shelter and the beginnings of civilization.

    There's lots of animals, though. And plants. And insects. Should be easy to find something to eat while looking for traces of the people.

    Since people sporadically show up in here, they occasionally go on patrols looking for people, and leave lines and signs that'll leave back to them.


    Not being able to talk is a pretty significant thing, but it's pretty likely that Ein's Cearta won't notice this difference for a while. Possible that it won't even be for several days.
    Tentacles are nice, though.
    More people need tentacles, she thinks. If more people had tentacles, she would have tentacles more often.
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    Default Re: Serious Plots 9: Srsr and srsr

    Xuracorp Tower
    41st Floor
    As the pair crawl into the passageways, they seal up behind them. There is no going back. But they're not as long as one might expect, opening out into rooms as different as the tunnels were..

    The Path of Vines
    Wenomir emerges into a room choked with plant life. However, before he notices that, he'll probably notice the smell. The room stinks of rot, death, and decay. The dark, twisted vines are everywhere, decorated with mottled pink and red flowers. There is only one path forward, an archway of vines leading out into a hallway and the stench is even worse in that direction. But there's also the faintest suggestion of a door buried beneath layers of vines on one of the side walls.

    The Golden Path
    As Ilpholin emerges, she'll hear the sound of laughter. She's entered into a high-ceilinged golden chamber, decorated with golden fountains and statues of attractive people. The golden mist drifts invitingly around the floor. There are ordinary-looking people here, milling about and chattering amongst each other as if at a party. But there's a vacant look in their expressions, as if they aren't really aware of what's going on. Tables and trays laden with hors d'oeuvres and glasses of fine wine and champagne, A golden archway leads out to another, even larger room, where more partygoers can be seen.

    Erszébet yelps when grabbed. She doesn't seem especially strong or able to resist. "I assure you that will not be necessary. It would be quite ineffective, and I am content to remain as I am. Please release me before I must resort to... Violent measures." She's surprisingly able to maintain her dignity while being carried over Anika's shoulder.

    Throne Room
    Prumathe will stumble through a portal. Sapphira is too impatient to wait for him to take forever searching the building. Once he arrives in the throne room, the portal closes behind him and Sapphira speaks to him. "Ah, my... Son in law. We have much to discuss." The fiendish queen is lounging on a throne of black stone, the same as the walls and floor. She dresses a bit different than he might remember though. Sure, her face is the same, and her unrealistic build, but the armor is new, bronze plates which don't cover nearly as much as armor should, but still far more than what Sapphira would usually wear.

    Ground Floor
    The Hivelings will have to make their own way up. Sapphira doesn't leave the portal open for them. The tried-and-true method is the stairs, forty flights under grueling heat. But if they want to take the elevator, or find another way up, they have those options.

    Geneva becomes Sekhmet, and then feels a horrible sensation of her body being pulled through another dimension and into somewhere else. So her plan is working, but with one small problem. Nothing she's carrying is coming with her.

    Shivernight Manor
    Sekhmet sighs in resignation, when suddenly there are two naked Sekhmets crammed into the summoning circle, their wings and tails getting tangled up in each other. "What?" It takes the first Sekhmet a few moments to untangle herself and process what's just happened. "Who are y... Uh... Geneva?" She realizes. Geneva should be able to feel Sekhmet's full psychic presence now, and also the circle of silver glyphs that are keeping the pair of them, and their powers, contained.

    Hodgepodge Street
    The Hivelings dig. It won't be long before they've broken into the cavernous chamber they discovered.
    Most of the chamber is taken up by the creature dwelling there. It's mostly a huge, toothy maw, with long tentacular limbs it reaches up through the cracks in the ground. Rubble from the digging crumbles into its mouth, and it swallows it up without a second thought.

    Meanwhile, the snake, now free, changes again. It grows larger and larger until it is easily large enough to swallow a person whole. It rears up and lunges at the now-discovered stalker.
    But it's a trick. The large snake is merely an illusion. The real snake is the same size as before, but invisible and much closer, striking at the ankle instead of the head.
    Meanwhile, the slimegirl frees another mesmerized person from the spell through strategic suffocation. This time, the victim runs away almost immediately. It seems the trance isn't being quite so strongly maintained.

    "Made is a strong word, in her case. These things just sort of spring up when she eats." Jade explains. She looks back at the hallway. Of course getting out won't be as easy as getting in. It never is. "She's nice, but really weird. Even before I was like this, she was weird."
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