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    Default Looking for 1st/2nd edition DM in greater Seattle area


    We're looking for a DM in the greater Seattle area who feels comfortable running 1st edition/2nd edition. A Birthright campaign would be awesome. Running some old mods would be great -- most of the players have never experienced the classics.

    What's in it for you?

    1. We play Shadowrun frequently, same group. You would get to play.
    2. We play D&D 3.5 frequently. You would get to play.
    3. We snack it out on game days.
    4. In the summer we BBQ while gaming.
    5. Game days are once a week.
    6. Annual gamer Thanksgiving!
    7. If you're into strategy games, several of us play Axis & Allies.
    8. There's always dinner.
    9. Free hummingbird air shows in the winter months!
    10. You get to play with a lot of folks seeing the old content with fresh eyes.
    11. Reasonable consumption of adult beverages sometimes happens.

    So, if you're in the greater Seattle area and are interested in this please PM me and we'll chat.
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