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    Default bearbearbearbear.

    I got challenged to make stats for a horrific mutated bear centaur thing. Jokingly Challenged, but still.

    This is what I came up with. I listed it as CR 11, but it might be a bit too strong? What do you think?

    I didn't give it claw attacks because those claws look pretty ineffectual at that point.

    If peeps are having difficulty accessing the sheet, please tell me and advise how to fix.

    Backstory is that it was a dire bear that lived near a conflux of leylines or such. This made it a magical beast with a massive vitality, regeneration and such. But then it got poisoned by either radiation or abyssal energies, which corrupted the regeneration into a mass of tumors. Possible advancements is making it a half-fiend, which would make its regeneration almost unstoppable. Possibly shift its regen to regen 10/good. It is really meant for hit and run/"terrorize the country side" style tactics, as it theoretically gets half a level every 5-10 days that it is in active combat.

    Explanation, a mechanic of its regeneration is that it takes 1 point of constitution damage and 1 point of dexterity drain for each 50 points that its regeneration heals it. When it heals/is healed of 10 points of constitution damage, then it gains a hit dice and is healed of all ability drain.

    It doesn't have a cap in how much dex drain it can take though, so If it takes 550 damage and heals it through regen too quickly before it can naturally "adjust", it is immobilized until it adjusts.

    So the regeneration is making it more and more tumorous... until it grows and extra leg or such and is able to move normally and is just much bigger now.

    Note: It was made with elephant in the room feat taxes, so it has power attack and such, just as an unstatted "everyone has it" thing.
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    Default Re: bearbearbearbear.

    Just posting this before going to bed, but your image link is broken.
    Quote Originally Posted by Quarian Rex View Post
    Sometimes you need more than well crafted crunch. Sometimes you need well crafted crunch that is playable in the game.
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    Default Re: bearbearbearbear.

    Imagine a centaur, but the bottom half is a bear. The top half is also a bear. There are more bear faces growing from all around the hips and front. Wherever you look, there is just bear jaws.

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