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    Default I'm Back And My Reasons Why I Left This Forum

    Hello everyone. I'm back in this forum after a few weeks off. I'm going to tell you the reason why I left the forum. The reasons why I left this forum because a few members in this forum was giving me a hard time for having to discuss a comic book character which turns out to be very repetitive and redundant, even I have to explain my clarification multiple times to these members which I was very clear on that note. {scrubbed} so I didn't bother continuing to engage in this conversation anymore because I got more important things to do in my life than go to this internet forum just to give me a headache and stress over it. So anyway I spend my time off going to work, watching Youtube videos, writing stories, watching CSI New York, Miami, and Cyber. The reason why I returned because I love this forum and I misss some members in this forum. So I ready to post in the forum again. Thank you for listening.
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