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    Default Re: HALO 184: Red and Grey All The Way

    [Dragon Brunch]

    "I see. Well then, something light from our kitchen." Probably better than going to a restaurant and eating gold salad. "Follow me," Reinholdt says as he maneuvers around and out of the office to lead the way. "Have you been to HALO before yesterday?"
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    Gods, Reinholdt was right, a hundred percent right.
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    Tale as old as thread
    And you find yourself dead
    Reinholdt was the Beast
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    Reinholdt had already told the truth once in that post, and therefore was over his annual quota.

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    [Dragon Brunch]

    She didn't even have the time to take a seat so she simply walks out the office before Rein and then stops and turns to follow him once he exits too.

    She shakes her head at Rein's question. "Never. I haven't really involved myself in any of the organizations besides VIGIL and that was only since I happened upon their leaders. HALO was reorganizing last I heard of it and I haven't really come across any of your members until now. You're focused on science and research for the benefit of everyone now, correct?"

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    Default Re: HALO 184: Red and Grey All The Way

    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    [Definitely not a cultist thing]

    The person who is absolutely not a cultist will hear the sound of footsteps approaching. If she looks up, she will see HALO's alchemist, Dorota.

    "Can I help you?" she asks.

    [Definitely not a cultist thing]

    The robed person who is definitely not a cultist was too absorbed in reading through the guest book. So, she doesn't notice Dorota until Dorota actually speaks.

    Surprised that someone managed to sneak up on her, she jumps and drops the guest book.

    The sound of it hitting the ground echoes through the silence as the person tries to think of how to respond.

    "Oh, um. Um."
    She looks down at the guest book.
    "Maybe? By chance is there, like, a membership directory or something? I'm looking for, um, one of my friends. See if they're here. Would you happen to know that? Would there be a problem of I just looked around to see if the've been here?"
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