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    Default Free study materials for CompTIA Server+?

    No, I'm not a bot. I'm asking for help.

    My boss would at some point like me to get the CompTIA Server+ certification. Unlike some of their other exams, I cannot find materials for this. Network+ (trying to pass) and Security+ (studying for, not planning on taking for a few months) have online video series, and books on Oreilly's I can access.

    I can't find anything for Server+ there, or in general. It should go without saying, but anything that I'm suggested should be legal, and avoid conflicting with CompTIA's terms of use as I don't want to be fired and/or blacklisted.

    If the PDF that comes with the voucher bundle is really the only resource, that's fine. I just can't afford the bundle right now, and Professor Messer's video series on Youtube really helped me pass the A+ certification.
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    Default Re: Free study materials for CompTIA Server+?

    Check your local library; I know I checked in two such books this week.
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