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    Default The Most Discussed Webcomics on the Forums: Thread III


    Back in March 2018, I attempted to figure out which webcomics had generated the most discussion on this subforum. Shortly after that, I decided I would update my list twice a year. I have stuck to that schedule, but I have not actually posted every update. I figured that most people probably don't want to see me make a new thread just to say "this list is basically the same as the previous one." This is the sixth version of the list I have made, but it is only the third I have posted publicly.

    Previous Threads:
    Thread 1: List 1, March 2018
    Thread 2: List 2, November 2018


    It is not possible to determine the exact number of posts about a given comic, because discussions of a particular comic can crop up anywhere, including on threads whose topics are unrelated to comics. A slightly easier quantity to compare is the total number of posts in all threads on this subforum that are devoted to a particular comic. For example, one could in principle estimate the popularity of Gunnerkrigg Court on the forum by adding up the number of posts on all Gunnerkrigg Court threads. However, this number is still infeasible to calculate. The threads on this forum do not have a uniform naming scheme, so someone would have to go through every thread on the board and manually determine which comic is associated with each thread. With more than 2300 threads on this board, this task is not practical.

    One somewhat crude estimate for the number of posts on a particular webcomic is the number of threads devoted to that webcomic which are "full"--i.e., at or close to 50 pages. There are numerous shortcomings to this method. For example, a comic for which there are 10 threads, each with 10 pages, would be overlooked in this count. Nonetheless, I think the number of full threads is a decent approximation for how much discussion a comic gets on this forum. It's also much easier to obtain, thanks to the forum software's ability to sort threads by number of replies.

    The following list is my best effort to catalogue the number of threads with at least 45 pages devoted to each comic on this board. I chose 45 as an arbitrary cutoff point for when a thread is "nearly full." There are only nine threads with between 45 and 49 pages, so the exact cutoff point isn't terribly important. Most threads with 45 pages or more have exactly 50 pages. As of November 26 2020, there are exactly 182 threads with 45 pages or more on this board, and there are 22 distinct comics among the 182 threads. The most significant change from List Two (the last version I posted publicly) is the addition of Will Save World for Gold, which completed its first thread.

    I do not claim that the list is free of errors: if you notice that I made a mistake, please point it out to me (see also the "missing information" section for stuff I could use help with).

    Each entry in the list is formatted in four lines:
    1)The title of the comic
    2)The comic's URL
    3)The number of threads for the comic with at least 45 pages
    4)A link to the most recent thread with at least 45 pages. Note, in many cases this will be the next-to-most-recent thread for a comic. If there are seven threads with 50 pages each, then there is probably an eight thread somewhere.

    Okay, enough preliminaries. Onward to the actual list!

    The List
    Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

    Girl Genius


    Questionable Content


    MS Paint Adventures

    Gunnerkrigg Court

    Schlock Mercenary

    Star Power

    Grrl Power

    Keychains of Creation

    Darths and Droids

    Dr. McNinja

    El Goonish Shive

    Menage a 3

    [No longer online?]


    Drow Tales

    Kill Six Billion Demons


    Will Save World for Gold

    Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

    Here is some other information that the above list ignores:
    a)You may have noticed that the thread number on the Girl Genius threads suggests that there are 23 completed threads, not 22 as the list claims. However, the Girl Genius Thread III did not make it to 45 pages: it was locked at 42 pages.

    b)A similar thing happened to Schlock Mercenary. Schlock Mercenary thread 2 does not seem to exist, or if it does it is under 45 pages.

    c)Most threads which make it to 45 pages end up with exactly 50 pages. A handful cross over to 51 pages. Currently, there are only four thread with more than 51 pages. These are the first three Dominic Deegan threads (which have 301, 77, and 63 pages, respectively), and the first Girl Genius thread (57 pages). If these extra posts are taken into account, then Dominic Deegan and Girl Genius are even further ahead of their competition then the list indicates.

    d)Prior to the first Erfworld thread, there was an Erfworld board. The board had no threads with 45 pages, but all the posts in that board added together would have several full threads worth of posts. I do not see a way to quickly get the total number of posts on the Erfworld board, since it is not visible from its parent forum. Does anyone know how to do this? It would be nice to know exactly how much Erfworld is being under-counted by the list.

    e)Of course, there is also a separate board for The Order of the Stick, which has more posts than this entire subforum.

    Missing information
    --As noted above, is there a way to see the total post count in the now-locked Erfworld board, without writing a web scraper to go through and get the post count of each thread individually?

    --There are three full threads on a webcomic called Bibliography. The most recent thread for the comic is here. The link given on that thread no longer works. Is the comic still available to read anywhere? If not, can anyone find an link to the comic from after the last update but before it went offline?

    --And finally, if you notice any mistakes in this post, please tell me.
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    Default Re: The Most Discussed Webcomics on the Forums: Thread III

    I love it.
    Next, I'm really tempted to go through all those threads and count up how many days before first and last post, as an indication of posting speed. That would be a pretty huge project, though.
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    Default Re: The Most Discussed Webcomics on the Forums: Thread III

    I'm happy to hear that someone other than me got some enjoyment out of this list
    Yep, tallying how long each thread took to fill up would take a lot of time, which is why I didn't do it.

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