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Thread: Avatar Format

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    Default Avatar Format

    As you can see (unless I've resolved the issue by now), my avatar is one of those which was lost when Tinypic shut down, which is a shame because Recaiden did a really good job with it. The other day, I successfully found it by searching on, and promptly backed it up so I wouldn't need to do that again. Today, I uploaded it to imgur and tried to replace the old broken link with a new functioning one.

    Quote Originally Posted by vBulletin message
    You did not enter the correct format for the Custom Avatar URL field. Please read the field description for the expected format.
    Well alright then.

    Quote Originally Posted by Custom Avatar URL
    Type in the URL to your custom avatar. The URL must start with https:// and the avatar must end in .gif, .jpg or .png. URLs with spaces and certain characters will not work. For example:
    Obviously, I first checked that the https:// and .png were there, and they were. It also doesn't have spaces. I tried replacing the i. with a www., but that didn't help either. I'm pretty sure all the other characters are alphanumeric or periods, which are just about the least special characters possible.

    Does anyone know what might be causing the problem?
    (In case you missed it, the url is
    (Without the end parenthesis, of course.)
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    Default Re: Avatar Format

    Yes. Imgur disallows it, so you'll need to find a new hosting site. This should be covered in the custom avatar pinned thread.
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    Default Re: Avatar Format

    The problem is Imgur, their ToS does not allow the use of their site for avatars:

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post

    If the image still does not show up, make sure the URL is correct, and that the hosting site permits the hotlinking of images for avatars. Many previously used image hosting sites do not allow hotlinking for avatars. Some hosting sites that have disabled hotlinking/embedded images have been disallowed - for example, any URLs from imgur will return an error for incorrect format.
    You could instead use or

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    Default Re: Avatar Format

    Thanks for the help, everybody.
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