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    Default My cousin/roommate is positive for Covid, so I'm probably sick as well.

    Having to quarantine sucks. I got tested Wednesday, so I should get the results any minute now - but it'd be surprising if I'm not sick.

    I feel fine, I'm just upset. I've been so careful - at least I feel like I have. Maybe I've just been careful in comparison to the people I know. And getting sick now, when the vaccine is here, feels so silly.

    No real point to make, just venting I guess.

    I'd follow the example of the "ask a chef" thread and offer to share my expertise to get this stuff off my mind, but my field is one that's against the rules to discuss. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. Stay safe.

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    Default Re: My cousin/roommate is positive for Covid, so I'm probably sick as well.

    Best wishes - that you don't have it or it's a mild case if you do.

    Two friends and one of my workers have each come down with it.

    One of the friends and my worker spent the holidays with family not wearing masks. Each of them had parents who developed symptoms Christmas eve/day, and now they're sick.

    My other friend and his wife had to go to the bank to sign some transfer documents after a death in the family (hospice, not COVID related). The bank person they were with was obviously sick.

    It always bears repeating: masks may not be 100% effective, but they beat the alternative. I spent a few hours Friday and Sat with my family. We stayed masked and sat outdoors, so only one person was in the house at a time. (admittedly, this is MUCH easier to do in Austin than places like NY or Chicago).
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