There are 3 families of the greater powers.

The Primal Spirits, the Titans and the Gods.

There are 6 great Primal Spirits; Sun, Storm, Ocean, Earth, Moon and Stars.

There are 6 axis of Divine Power; Life, Death, Destiny, Chance, Valor and Pride.

There where 7 Titans; Of them, Fire, Ice, Wind, Chaos, Stasis, and Void where slain. One remains, and its body is Reality itself.

Long ago, the Gods rose up and slew the Titans, and from the body of the last they build the universe. From this corpse rose the Primal Spirits; the Gods, in fear they where but the Titans reborn, started a new war and almost destroyed everything. But in the end a truce was agreed upon, and the Gods where expelled from the world. From then on, the Gods had to act through intermediaries, or face another great war, and the destruction of all that they built.

To that end, Relics of the Gods are held by their Churches, and from those Relics are blessed miracle workers who work the will of the Gods. Mortals dedicate themselves to the Church, and the Church chooses champions to bless with divine power. Champions that fall from the true path are declared heretics, then hunted down and killed.

The world is ridiculously harsh. Some of the people's of the world have built walls and roads, powered by the magic of ley lines, to defend their settlements from the monsters of the wilderness. Others have sought the patronage of the primal spirits, both great and small, and live free of the chains of "civilization".

As beings of power, even dead the Titans have power. Monsters spawned by their blood, and mortals corrupted by their worship, are a constant threat to both the people of road and wall and the people of sky and stone. Vigilance and war against them is eternal.

While the axis of power of the Primal Spirits and Titans have personifications, the powers of the Divine are diffused over the pantheon. Gods lean towards one axis or another, but no God holds a monopoly over one of the Divine Virtues.