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    Default Re: IC - The Princess Cake [D&D5e]

    Thorrig - Dwarf Cleric


    Thorrig comes rushing back with the large fish under his arm, huffing and puffing all the way. Just as he skids to a halt, he sees the rest of the party finish off the remaining croc. "But I got the fish..." he mutters to himself, hefting the large fish in front of himself. "Oh well, never know when a big fish will come in handy." He tucks the large fish back under his arm, and joins the rest of the party moving on into the next room.

    In the new room...

    "If you wanted cake, you just had to stop by the baking guild. The prices are quite reasonable for most cakes. But to take the Princess' Cake, after all the work we put into it. That is unconscionable." As he speaks, Thorrig glances around the room, seeking out the source of the heavy breathing.

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    Default Re: IC - The Princess Cake [D&D5e]

    "You know, I've had far too many people try to sell me their soul for all sorts of ridiculous things. Wealth, power, love, you name it. I even had a guy try to sell me his soul so he could get his pet turtle back. But cake? Why in the Nine Hells would you trade your immortal soul for cake?" As he speaks, Confidence slowly reaches for his crossbow and looks around the room, trying to figure out if the runt from before managed to make his way in here or not.

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    Default Re: IC - The Princess Cake [D&D5e]

    Mirasanna - Human Artificer

    Mirsanna looked confused (not a terribly rare expression for her it must be said.)

    "Have you invented some sort of soul measuring device to determine the relative worth of the soul versus a piece of cake. I have to admit that sounds a marvelous invention!"

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    Default Re: IC - The Princess Cake [D&D5e]

    Othokent's eyes dart around the new room, taking care to be vigilant, as if any room seems like it could be a place for them to be ambushed then this one definitely fits the bill. "It baffles me as well Confidence," he comments, a spark forming at his fingertip as he steps inside, "I am not one for talk of souls by any means, but my understanding is that smoothskins usually sell them for things like power or wealth, not pastries."


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