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    Default Cat Tree Material Help

    Hello Fellow Playgrounders

    So, as the title suggests, I could use some help picking out material for a new cat tree. I decided this past year that the one in my living room isn't cutting it (not tall enough for my liking, and I'm sure my cat would be very happy with something taller). However, in my search for a new tree, I noticed that the majority of cat trees seem to now be made with a "plush'' fabric, rather than the carpet that I am familiar with. When I first noticed the trend, I thought it was a bad idea, as it doesn't seem like it would stand up as well over time compared to carpet. I also thought it would be problematic to clean (aside from normal cat messes, my cat is a black long hair, which might be problematic to remove from some of the "plush" types). However, I have had problems finding a tree that is a) tall enough, b) configured in a way that will not be a problem for a cat with mobility issues, c) made with carpet and sisal (her favorite scratch material), d) will last a fair while, and e) doesn't break the bank. Thus, I thought I would come here and see if I could get input from other cat owners who might have a tree made out of non-carpet material, and aren't trying to sell me anything .

    Does anyone here have a cat tree made with non-carpet fabric? How has it held up over time and how long have you had it? Do you have issues cleaning it? How does it act if/when the cat shreds it (I know carpet will end up with carpet bits and strings being torn out)? Does your cat do anything you didn't initially expect with it? If you have had experience with both caret and "plush" trees, which did you prefer? Also, if you could describe what the fabric is like, I would appreciate it.

    And for anyone asking why I keep using quotes on the word plush, I've notice that when the product description says that, it doesn't actually describe what the fabric is. I have seen "plush" used to describe fabrics that looked like fake sheep wool, minky, polar fleece, longer pile fabrics, and others, though the most common one seems to be a faux fur. Thus, it gets put in quotes.
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    Default Re: Cat Tree Material Help

    I've seen one in the shape of a cactus that was made of rope (at least I think it is). It looks quite sturdy and this one handles 7 cats. And I guess if the rope is frayed, you can replace it.
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