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    Default Homebrew Race Cosmetic Traits

    Hi all,

    This has been here for a few days, if you have any ideas at all, please let me know. Even feedback would be great. Thanks.

    I am working on a homebrew race, on another digital platform, and would like to get some input for some unique cosmetics I could add. I have already come up with a few, but as this race comes with 4 variants, I am wanting a total of 8 for each variant as I would like to create a roll table for each one. While some truly creative individuals will not need such a table, not everyone is so creative, and may prefer to select something from a list.

    Each variant will develop a cosmetic trait for one of the four elements; Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, as they age. They are not born with this trait.

    Please let me know what cosmetic trait/mark etc, you would want to see. A tattoo like birth mark, change in temperature, rough sandpaper like skin patches, surrounded by a constant silent breeze, a mist that follows everywhere, eyes that look like the glowing coals of a fire, etc. The sky is the limit.

    The description of the race I am working on is below.

    (Note, they are a forest dwelling race, which prefer to reside near natural hot springs where all 4 elements meet.)

    The people are a fairy/fey race, in appearance only. While they do have fairy like wings, their size prevents them from flight. These wings are in constant motion during their waking hours, and sounds like a gentle breeze through the trees of a forest. They are able to stop this fluttering, but it takes a conscious effort to do so, liken to picking up and holding an object.

    Slightly taller than dwarves, the lithe people hold a great deal of pride in the length of their hair, which shimmers under the light of the full moon, and most will never cut it. They have chiseled features similar to the elf, and long pointed ears, which angle backwards, towards the back of their head.
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