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    Default Moderation Concerns

    Last night another posting openly stated that I was posting in bad faith, in the course of a thread discussion.

    I attempted to de-escalate the situation by posting this:
    "I am afraid, I do take umbrage, at your insinuation that I am misrepresenting other's views. Please, kindly tone down your rhetoric, or I will consult the moderation staff.
    We can be civil, can we not?"

    According to the email sent by the moderator, use of "please kindly tone down your rhetoric" constituted an ad hominem attack.

    I have asked for a more substantial explanation of this moderation action, as well as answers to several more questions, via personal messaging. After several hours, I have received no response. As such, this seemed to be the most appropriate forum to again ask for clarification.

    If there is a formal appeal process, I would like to invoke the process.

    If there is not an appeal process, then I would ask for clarification on why this message board seems to be enforcing a policy that those whom are subject to ad hominem attacks must be silent and hide from their attackers, as any attempt to de-escalate and resume the thread topic results in punishment equal to the instigator.

    At this juncture, my faith in the moderation practices of this message board are shaken. I honestly do not feel safe, not from my fellow posters, but from unclear, and seemingly indiscriminate moderation practices.

    I look forward to a response. I do want to stress that , I have only posted this message on this forum, due to a lack of response from moderation staff to my private message.

    Thank you, kindly for your attention.
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    Default Re: Moderation Concerns

    Please remember that moderation staff are volunteers with their own lives who have to live, work, and sleep. They also have a lot of other issues to address. Your request for clarification will be heard, so please do not be impatient.

    Please wait for a response from the moderator who took the action and attempt to resolve it with them. If, after discussion with them you are still unsatisfied with their explanation, you may contact Roland St. Jude.

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