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    Default Deleting account

    Is it possible to delete your account or have it deleted, including deletion or obscuiring of allmaterial posted?

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    Default Re: Deleting account

    It looks like the answer is "no" according to this post here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Roland St. Jude
    What is it you want to accomplish exactly? An unwanted account doesn't require any deactivation. Just log out and don't log back in. Consider it abandoned.

    Alternatively, PM me with why you'd like to close your account and I'll shepherd you through the process to have me administratively close your account. Essentially, your account will show as "Closed," you won't have any further access to it, and you won't be permitted to open a new account.

    We do not delete accounts. So the existence of your account and the existing posts will remain regardless of which path you choose.
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    Default Re: Deleting account

    Sheriff: We do not delete accounts or mass delete a poster's posts for various reasons. If you would like your account to be closed, we can do that on request. Closing an account is permanent and irreversible, and alternate accounts will be banned. We typically suggest that posters just stop posting rather than having the account closed, so that they retain the option of returning at a later date.

    If you'd like to have your account closed, please PM me with an explanation of why you'd like the account closed, and I'll walk you through the process.
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