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    Default The Rarity of these Items?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

    I've always liked running a bit more onto the fantastic side of D&D and I create a lot of magic items with that in mind and disperse them liberally to the party as well as eneies. That said if anyone can either tell me how Rare these items are or point me at a table or explanation of how to judge Rarity- I would be grateful.

    A few examples: the names are placeholders.

    Golden Greatsword
    Magical weapon but no inherent bonus to damage or to-hit
    50 charges
    1 charge cost for adding another 2d6 to the damage once per round
    5 charges enables the normal attack value to have a 50 foot reach once per round
    10 charges enables the weapon to dispel an Abjuration spell upon touching it once per round
    Does not replenish charges naturally- must sacrifice gold to regain charges

    Paralyzing Javelin
    Magical weapon with a +1 bonus to hit
    Once after every dawn when this weapon's name is invoked before throwing it- on a successful hit the target must make a DC 18 Wisdom save or else they suffer the Paralyzed condition but can still speak (might have the wrong Condition there but they're not supposed to be able to move in any way but can still speak)

    Lightless Lantern
    Not a weapon and when opened it produces no light. Instead any hostile opponent within 30 feet of the holder takes a single point of fire damage every round they start in this radius. This damage can neither be reduced or negated by the hostile opponent.

    True Strike Helmet
    A helmet that 3 times a day allows the attuned adventurer to cast True Strike as a Bonus Action

    Felling Armor
    Whenever the wearer takes slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing damage from a non-magical source the enemy that dealt this damage is dealt half of it. The full value of the damage still applies to the armor's user.

    Dark Cape
    Once per day the attuned holder of this cape can cast the Darkness spell as a Bonus Action. So long as it is specifically this casting of Darkness- the user can see through it as normal.
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    Default Re: The Rarity of these Items?

    The golden greatsword should definitely be legendary. Its first ability alone is crazy good.

    The paralyzing javelin fits neatly at rare, being a +1 magic weapon with a tacked on ability.

    I'd say the lightless lantern should be uncommon; it's pretty low-impact.

    The true strike helmet should be uncommon; there are plenty of other magic items that give 3/day castings of level 1 spells (and this improved version of true strike is somewhere near that ballpark).

    The felling armor should be at least very rare, maybe legendary, just due to how extremely powerful it is.

    I'd put dark cape at uncommon since it's 1/day, but it's pretty strong so I could see the argument for calling it rare (see circlet of blasting; a 1/day level 2 spell, but without the extra buffs to it).
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