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Thread: WandaVision

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    Default Re: WandaVision

    +1 would rather see Okoye as the new Black Panther.

    Shuri can be queen - she’s part of the Wakanda royal family, she’s got no reason to make Wakanda do a 180 politically so they don’t have to upend any plans there as far as the greater MCU goes - but she already has a niche as a tech genius, and her own fighting style, and her own fighting gadgets - she doesn’t need to be Black Panther to contribute either to the plot or to superhero fights.

    Nakia is a spy, so the obvious, instantly-recognizable cat armor is a no-go and the super powers would only be useful on a regular basis if it turns out she’s terrible at her job. I also gather the Black Panther’s job description is somewhat different from spy craft, so not really something she’s trained for. Additionally such a high-profile position is liable to get her face plastered all over news outlets, social media etc, further complicating any spy work. And she’s a fairly minor character compared to the others which out-of-universe makes her less valuable from a marketing standpoint. And didn’t she already turn it down once?

    M’Baku would be interesting but given that his faction is frequently at odds with mainstream Wakanda and the man in charge that he respected is dead, and he’s shown as a traditionalist (thus isolationist, thus not joining any super hero teamups) he would be something of an...odd...choice to be protector of Wakanda. In-universe I could see it happening if he took it by ritual combat but out-of-universe I think he’s too valuable as a rogue element.

    Okoye, on the other hand, could use the upgrade. She already fights up close and personal, the powers and armor would help her fight better. She’s loyal to Wakanda and has already protected it and its interests in a variety of ways - bodyguard to the king, general of its armies. We’ve already seen her interact with the Avengers in Endgame so having her take up the Black Panther mantle would just be taking that relationship a step further.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cikomyr2 View Post
    I say they just roll with the powers being fully extinct on earth. And they have to go on a space quest to find the origin of the Vibranium meteorite and maybe another strand of the same plant somewhere.
    Didn’t they get it from Bast though? So might be more journey to the spirit world than journey into space.
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    Default Re: WandaVision

    I 100% believe they will write an elaborate method to bring Michael B Jordon back and make him the new black panther after having a change of heart.

    This is based solely on the popularity of the actor and desire to maximize on that.


    member of the royal family
    already has the powerset


    he's dead. gotta find a way to bring him back to life.

    I further hypothesize that he'll come back from something they do to try and bring T'Challa back (after explaining why he's gone) or to recreate the heart shaped herb and bring him back instead by accident.

    my personal desire:

    I'd give it to Okoye first, Nakia second and Shuri like... seventieth....
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    Default Re: WandaVision

    Oh lawd. Please don't bring back killmonger

    How about we just introduce a new character? Or heck, pull a Rhodes and have a new actor play T'challa with the excuse of "I got a new haircut" or something like that. It's been done before. It could happen.
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    Default Re: WandaVision

    I really don't get how being a spy somehow disqualifies Nakia from the job Showing that she's a skilled fighter and capable agent for Wakandan interests abroad even without the suit and powers, AND having an easy path to Wakandan royalty with a brief handwave (eg. mentioning an offscreen wedding having taken place), gives her all the qualifications needed.

    I wouldn't be opposed to Killmonger either mind you, but I fear the narrative gymnastics required to bring him back in a meaningful way AND reform him away from his more extremist viewpoints might be too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    But really, the important lesson here is this: Rather than making assumptions that don't fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text?
    Quote Originally Posted by gogogome View Post
    Cheers to Psyren the MVP "naysayer".
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    Default Re: WandaVision

    One thing they could do with Black Panther 2 is set it in the 5 years of 2018 to 2023 for T’Challa was snapped as was Shuri. There was thus no royal family bloodline during this time and thus the kingdom was in a moment of legitimacy crisis and other leaders need to fill the void.

    Black Panther and Civil War takes place in 2016 of the MCU timeline.
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    Default Re: WandaVision

    Quote Originally Posted by Draconi Redfir View Post
    Or heck, pull a Rhodes and have a new actor play T'challa with the excuse of "I got a new haircut"
    I feel a jokey wink to the audience would be a bit crass, given it was the previous actor dying that required the recast and not just the actor asking for too much money (and apparently Perlmutter being racist)
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