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    Default Good Voice Filter Program?

    Note: if you're my DM reading this, I'd suggest not spoiling yourself. But, as you will.
    Spoiler: The Post

    Hey all. I've started a new campaign, a fusion of Steampunk and East Asian themes, and I'm playing a nameless (goes by "Nobody") Warforged. Since I was allowed to use my Moulg variant of Warforged, and I have a very specific build in mind, Nobody ended up being of Large size, an absolute U N I T of a machine that wields a glaive and harpoon (not at the same time, obviously) of similar massiveness. His "head" connects directly to the top of his torso, no neck in between, and looks something like a traffic cone on top of a garbage can lid, with two vertical slit eyes. His mouth (Since this race does need to consume matter for fuel) is like a funnel grinder, with concentric rings of rotating metal teeth. On his back is a big exhaust pipe, like the kind on the side of a truck. Since he has no facial muscles, his exhaust has a built in Pipe of Smoke Monsters effect that lets him shape the clouds into little emotes. His voice is like the deep growl of a tank engine.

    It hurts to do the voice for too long. Plus, I have a cooler idea.

    To the point/Tl;dr: Does anyone know of a good live voice processor program? I tried using Voxal, and I got a good voice, but when I try to use my laptop with it, Voxal wouldn't recognize my USB mic's functionality, and only works with the worse-than-useless internal mic. Does anyone know of an alternative? Preferably something easily toggled and not temperamental.
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    Default Re: Good Voice Filter Program?

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