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    Default [Weapon Enchantment] Flickering (PEACH)

    A weapon enchantment I came up with. I have heard it said that fighter types have too few options, this might be one more option... although it does still come down to hit-point damage.

    Upon command this weapon and the arm(s) that wield it split into multiple slightly translucent versions of themselves, literally existing in more than one place at a time. These versions move somewhat independently, sliding through each-other, merging, splitting, and weaving around each-other.

    When this effect is activated, all attack rolls with it are replaced with Reflex saves by the target. The DC is 10 + 1/2 the attack bonus for that particular attack (including any circumstance bonuses or penalties that may apply). On a failed save the strike deals damage normally on a successful save the attack is considered to have missed. Miss chances, damage reduction, Deflect Arrows, etc still apply if they would have against the original attack (E.G. without this enchantment), however the attack deals full damage and more against swarms, counting as an area of effect attack for that purpose. Improved Evasion is also effective against it, granting the target half damage even on a failed save. Iterative attacks may be made with the weapon at decreasing DCs as per the number of attacks that would normally be allowed. Ranged weapons with this enchantment active bestow the effect on their ammunition which splits into quasi-real copies of itself in mid-flight. Melee weapons and the arms that wield them also appear to have their existence split between multiple locations at once. The effects of this enchantment may be halted or resumed as a free action by the wielder with a word.
    May not be used in conjunction with Power Attack. Functions normally (reducing the DC in exchange for AC) with Expertise. Negates precision based damage (but NOT any to associated to-hit bonuses, such as from a ranger's favored enemy bonuses), renders Keen, Vorpal, and Improved Critical moot. Projectiles enchanted in this manner split as soon as they are fired/thrown. Ranged weapons with this enchantment display no visual effect themselves, but bestow the enchantment on their ammunition.
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    Default Re: [Weapon Enchantment] Flickering (PEACH)

    This is a pretty neat enchantment, I'm not sure if it's too strong as a +3 bonus, but it's definitely in the 3-4 range. The mechanics are sound, the first couple of questions I had you cleared up in your write up. All around, it's pretty neat. I could see a fighter doing a whirlwind attack with this and it seems really awesome, or a two-weapon fighter using two of these. Very very cool. Thumbs up!

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