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    Default Star Trek: Federation Star Defense! (starting year 2!)

    From the makers of Planescape Survival Guide and Harry Potter Comics (now finished!) comes...
    Star Trek: Federation Star Defense!

    Episode 1: Encounter at Scoggo Sector consisted of 37 installments and concluded last year. We have now begun Episode 2: Tajaran Attack! and are into part 7.

    Join the crew of the NX-74203, USS Intrepid as the first ship of Federation Star Defense. Set during an alternate version of the season 2 Next Generation era, Commodore Jeffrey Bannister on a mission to create a special division of Starfleet with the goal of military defense. Unfortunately, no one is particularly interested except for:
    Andre Peters: a former officer who built a starship from spare parts in his backyard
    Dale Zurkett: a military hero cast out for breaking Federation protocols
    Zack Del Rio LeRoux: a replicator programmer on the lam
    Natashia Starrat: a Vulcan/Human with emotional issues
    Ystelia Hylia: an Andorian with a job Starfleet doesn't care about
    Bridget Janson: Jeffrey's overworked yeoman
    Hank Reynolds: a Starfleet castoff working in secret
    Ezzok: a Gorn officer out to avenge his captain

    As a black ops Starfleet ship is destroyed by a terrible new weapon wielded by a race known as Tajarans, however, this crew of Federation misfits will join the Commodore on his mission. Will they come together as a team? Only time will tell!
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