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    Default LF Specific Witch Artwork

    I am pulling my hair out, searching the internet for avail to find this specific artwork of a witch. Hoping someone here might recognize it and be able to help.

    It featured a witch, inhumanly tall, leading a.....child, I think? Off into the trees. It was really eerie, and by far the best depiction I have seen of the creeping dread and unease I would want a hag to evoke.

    When I saw it, it was accompanied by some sort of text, something to the effect of, "Nobody told me that witches were freaking giant!" or "Witches would have been way more terrifying if I knew they were GIGANTIC!" Or some other such form of exclamation about the size of the witch and the fear it evoked.

    I know this is a long shot, but..... any ideas, playground?
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    Default Re: LF Specific Witch Artwork

    I don‘t have time to check the whole gallery, but Jakub Rozalski seems to have a thing for witches and large monsters.

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